Who We Are

We come to work every day to help the biggest names in the CPG industry become more profitable. How do we do it? With our market-leading TPM solution, FORGE…and a pretty sizable helping of industry knowledge.

Our mission is to deliver trade spend transparency and enable our customers to make profitable decisions

Don’t surrender to trade management challenges just yet.

Victory (and visibility) can be yours. We can help. Blacksmith Applications is a SaaS technology company offering TPM software and consulting to top tier CPG retail and foodservice organizations. Our application, FORGE, enables program creation, claim settlement, and boasts powerful analytical capabilities.

Our Leadership Team

Paul Wietecha | President & CEO

Paul started Blacksmith Applications in 2000, boasting a career of 20 years in Foodservice management with premier CPG companies. Since that time he has become a highly sought after trade spend advisor. With Paul at the helm, Blacksmith continues to pursue innovative solutions as we increase the value gap between FORGE and ordinary alternatives.

“My mission at Blacksmith is to dramatically change the vantage point from which Foodservice decision makers consider strategies to improve profitability. Our application, FORGE , enables customers to gain unprecedented visibility into their trade spend data. Nothing comes close.”

Mike Kosek | Senior Vice President of Sales

Mike knows that for an enterprise application to take off, it needs a champion. He is that champion on the Blacksmith team. Having spent more than 25 years working with clients on enterprise level software solutions, his partnership is a valuable asset. Mike helps businesses navigate the decision-making process and evaluate the real potential of a FORGE implementation.

“My mission at Blacksmith is to work with clients across functional groups to build consensus and paint the picture of how Forge can improve business results and decision-making. I’m there every step of the way. My focus is always on creating a profitable solution for the customer.”

Paul Cummings | Chief Technology Officer

Paul enjoys applying disruptive technologies to solve real-world problems for our customers. He possesses an unwavering commitment to innovation and has been working at the leading edge of technology throughout his career. From Internet Banking to Internet insurance and now cloud-based Trade Management, he takes pride in edging out the competition.

“My mission at Blacksmith is to lead an extremely talented and dedicated team through a challenging landscape in the development, deployment and operations of the best Trade Management System available. Every solution is built with the customer in mind.”

Jennifer Schiffman | Vice President of Marketing

Jennifer not only has a profound passion for marketing, she also holds the Foodservice industry near and dear to her heart. Jennifer’s experience in Brand, Customer and Segment marketing at Heinz (now The Kraft Heinz Company – and a valued customer) enables her to understand the value Blacksmith brings to clients and helps her bring that value to life.

“My mission at Blacksmith is to ensure that every client has the power to fully unlock trade-transparency within their organization. Our customers are our greatest asset. A relationship with Blacksmith is more than a software solution. It’s your chance to join a trade management brain-trust.”

John Connolly | Chief Financial Officer

John is passionate about working with companies that have both outstanding technology and employees that provide top tier applications and services to their customer base. He is thrilled to be working with the talented team at Blacksmith Applications; a team that brings exceptional domain expertise to the market.

“My mission at Blacksmith is to provide financial leadership, structure and strategic planning to support our evolving business needs. I look forward to working cross functionally to leverage all disciplines within the business to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.”

Karen Cullom | Vice President of Product Development

Karen has more than 17 years of experience with pricing analytics and revenue management in the foodservice industry. She possesses a deep understanding of the customer process from her time implementing FORGE with dozens of customers prior to taking the helm of Product Development. Karen serves as an advocate to bring the best software solutions to life.

“My mission at Blacksmith is to be and represent the voice of the customer. To drive the long-term product vision and create a roadmap that will ensure Blacksmith’s position as the most innovative solution on the market for years to come. Our product will always be evolving.”


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