From now on you get to make the rules.

The most frustrating aspect of trade spending management is being responsible for outcomes when you have little or no control over the processes and people that determine them. With Blacksmith Forge you have a total solution that puts you in the driver’s seat by enabling visibility, accountability and best of all, better profitability across your programs.



20/20 decision-making

Forge enables you to look deep inside your programs by aggregating data from multiple internal and external sources. Layer in complex and often dynamic promotional and claim data such as volume commitments, deviated pricing, discounts and marketing funds to draw hard, verifiable conclusions on everything from program performance to individual account profitability. You’ll always know where you stand against your forecasts and who the stars and underperformers are.

Because it’s built for consumer packaged goods trade management, Blacksmith Forge allows you to zoom into the data at the transactional and unit levels to review individual account profitability. See the direct impact of activity in real-time so you can proactively make changes and adjust settlement cycles. You can also identify the variances in pricing or discounts that are causing the greatest drain on your bottom line.


Go ahead. The numbers will back you up.

The more complex your trade spending, the more difficult it is to validate performance and hold sales teams, intermediaries and customers accountable for meeting goals and commitments. Blacksmith Forge puts the reliable data necessary for applying accountability standards at your fingertips.

Automated workflows ensure contracts drawn up remotely meet requirements. Sales teams all see the same contractual and program data and price lists.

The system tracks each customer or partner’s orders throughout each deal lifecycle to ensure volume commitments are being met. When they aren’t, you have the proof necessary to recapture rebates and discounts.


As in, the ability to make more profits.

No other solution gives you so many opportunities to identify and reduce revenue loss and optimize profitability from your promotional programs and contracts.

For starters, Forge Trade ensures pricing, discounts and volume criteria are applied to support both individual account and overall profitability goals. It also increases gross-to-net calculation accuracy for more reliable revenue and profitability reporting. At the same time, Forge Settlements filters out invalid and unauthorized deductions and increases your collection of those that fall through the cracks.

With Forge Analytics, you can evaluate profitability before you ink new deals. And then fine-tune your margins at each SKU level based on individual account commitments and volumes

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