Streamline and automate processes and gain insights to make your business better.

We know it can be frustrating to bear the responsibility for business outcomes when you don’t have full control over a process. We understand the challenge of lacking the detailed and accurate data necessary to deliver informed recommendations. With Forge, you gain a total TPM solution that makes you comfortable in the driver’s seat by enabling visibility, accountability and ultimately better profitability across your distributor and operator programs.



Data availability improves business insight.

Forge accounts for all distributor and operator commitments and programs to generate perfect P&L assessments within the application. No dummy figures or averages. We’re talking real-deal accurate program financials. As a result, analytics and reporting deliver actionable insights. These insights often motivate business activities that improve profitability. We offer what others can’t, right out of the box.

Our highly configurable application easily manages transactional data to enable profitability assessments at the most targeted levels – by customer, by sales team, by geography, etc. Search functionality is robust and easier to use when compared to ordinary software solutions. Your team will gain the visibility they need and they will finally put a stop to low value effort spent on manual and time consuming tasks.  Forge provides the data visibility you need to make better, more informed business decisions.


Go ahead. The numbers will back you up.

The more complex your trade spending, the more difficult it is to validate performance and hold sales teams, intermediaries and customers accountable for meeting goals and commitments. Blacksmith Forge puts the reliable data necessary for applying accountability standards at your fingertips.

Automated workflows ensure contracts drawn up remotely meet requirements. Sales teams all see the same contractual and program data and price lists.

The system tracks each customer or partner’s orders throughout each deal lifecycle to ensure volume commitments are being met. When they aren’t, you have the proof necessary to recapture rebates and discounts.


As in, the ability to make more profits.

No other solution gives you so many opportunities to identify and reduce revenue loss and optimize profitability from your promotional programs and contracts.

For starters, Forge Trade ensures pricing, discounts and volume criteria are applied to support both individual account and overall profitability goals. It also increases gross-to-net calculation accuracy for more reliable revenue and profitability reporting. At the same time, Forge Settlements filters out invalid and unauthorized deductions and increases your collection of those that fall through the cracks.

With Forge Analytics, you can evaluate profitability before you ink new deals. And then fine-tune your margins at each SKU level based on individual account commitments and volumes

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