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3 Ways to Overcome Operator Deviated Pricing Challenges

Deviated prices carry higher administrative costs than rebates due to the ambiguity of the effective claim rate. 80%+ of the deviated price offers are ‘private,’ meaning that only a single distributor is aware of the offer and has access to those discounts.

Who Benefits from Program Automation in TPM Software?

Trade promotion management is quickly becoming one of the highest priorities within CPG organizations since it’s the second-largest item on the P&L. Consumer goods manufacturers assess operator and trade programs, processes and systems due to concerns about the value and return on investment of trade dollars.

Top 5 Takeaways from WFF Leadership Development Conference 2017

Four days. Seven educational workshops. Thousands of participants: forward thinking professionals, nationally recognized speakers and emerging leaders. One message: ignite leadership with speed and purpose.

Welcome, John Connolly: Chief Financial Officer

We’re strengthening our bench and I’m pleased to announce that John Connolly has joined Blacksmith Applications in the role of Chief Financial Officer. John brings over 25 years of strong financial and operations experience to our leadership team.

Speed & Purpose: Attending WFF

I’m thrilled to announce that Blacksmith Applications will be sending five women to participate in the WFF Annual Leadership Development Conference. Our team will join 3,000+ Foodservice professionals as we connect, engage and learn with the industry’s best and brightest.

A Few Things You Shouldn’t Gamble on at COEX

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you really need to up your trade management game. Then you probably don’t want to keep it a secret.