Expert advice on trade spend topics.

Trade Spend Blind Spots

Lack of visibility to trade spend analytics leaves CPG companies vulnerable to poor investments and competitive disadvantages

Sales Planning: 2 Necessary Conversations

Sales planning doesn’t have to be a repeat of last year. Have these data-driven conversations to change your promotional outcomes.

The Analytics Mindset: Strategic Promotion Investment

Leveraging a TPO tool enables you to create promotional plans that optimize spend and fuel your volume, revenue and profit goals.

3 Reasons Not to Cut Your Trade Promotion Investment

3 motivators for you to keep investing in trade promotions. To sustain revenue generation there are proven, data-driven options.

Prioritize Balance for Accelerated CPG Growth

Move past a mindset of “what are we spending?” to a more strategic mindset of “what is the optimal return?”.

Baselines: The Foundation for Analysis and Planning

The elusiveness of accurate baselines has hindered understanding and opportunity. Build baselines that accurately reflect in-store activity.