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Gen Z is Shaping the Future of Food and Beverage

Gen Z is shaking up the food industry. CPG manufacturers that build a relationship with Gen Z will reap benefits as their spending power expands.

Smarter Trade Management through Data Harmonization

There is only a 50/50 chance that any given trade promotion will be successful and Only 21% of CG manufacturers are satisfied with their ability to manage promotions.

The End Cap is Dead: Retail Trade Promotion

How do you reach retail consumers? Multiply your paths to purchase by using technology. Map the buying model by understanding and anticipating consumer behavior at every stage: planning, purchasing, and […]

State of the Industry: 2017

Paul Wietecha explains his perspective on strategic trends affecting the foodservice industry and CPG manufacturers today. And, trends are moving in a concerning direction.

What Could Your Business Do with $700,000?

We’ve researched customer performance and evaluated data over time. FORGE delivers a compelling ROI, ranging from 7% – 17%.