Expert advice on trade spend topics.

12 Things We Learned from Trade Spend Experts

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Under the Surface: How to Find Trade Spend Visibility

Visibility enables you to reduce inefficiencies, mitigate monetary risks and improve performance. Learn what you should evaluate to find strategic insights.

What Could Your Business Do with $700,000?

We’ve researched customer performance and evaluated data over time. FORGE delivers a compelling ROI, ranging from 7% – 17%. 

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Consumer goods companies are embracing trade spend data in order to generate actionable decisions that improve trade promotions.

8 Steps: Gain Executive Support for a TPM Solution

Ready to ditch Excel, email chains and long meetings? Advocate for a trade promotion management software and garner support from an executive.

Best Practices: Foodservice Customer Segmentation

With customer segmentation, a best practice in foodservice, companies drive profitable decision making, build better trade offers, and efficiently prioritize customers. Segmentation helps your organization focus on the right set of customers.