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What Can You Get for Nothing? More Profit with ZBT.

According to a survey, 63% of CPGs targeting cost reductions plan to address commercial spend. 22% of CPGs have turned to zero-based budgeting.

Promotional Mix: Does Your Product Stand Out?

What does today’s promotional marketing mix look like? Read more about how people are influenced to choose which products they buy.

Modern Trade Promotion: Thinking Digital

Today’s digital shopper is spending about 25% of their food budget online; this number is anticipated to grow five-fold over the next decade.

Erase Your Intuition, Automate Effective Trade Rates

Erase your intuition and get rid of the ‘back-of-the-envelope’ methods; automate the true effective rate or blended rate for consistency.

6 Reasons Your Trade Deals aren’t Profitable

59% of trade promotions net loss because brands continue to overlook strategic trends instead of implementing new practices and technologies. Read more.

The 7 Most Popular Blacksmith Blogs | 2017

As the countdown to 2018 begins, we took a look back at what content was most helpful and relevant to you. This blog review features our most-read trade spend posts of 2017.