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T-Pro Optimum TPO Stands Above

"The usability of T-Pro Optimum stands above what I've seen in the industry. With it, we continue to make our products and categories more successful for our retail partners while getting our products in front of consumers more and more every day."

- Paul Ford, Global Revenue Growth Director at Perfetti Van Melle

Wayne Farms Switches Trade Management Solution Provider

In a move to improve the productivity of its trade promotion management performance, Wayne Farms has selected Blacksmith Applications, GoSimple TPM Solution.

The integration of Wayne Farms into the GoSimple solution will provide improved processes creating efficiencies and an increased ROI. Wayne Farms will achieve process efficiency improvements related to claim processing, deduction management, broker commission payments, and trade spending contract management.

Unilever's Path to Profitable Trade Management

Find out why Adam LeDonne, Managing Director of North America for Unilever Food Solutions,
believes Blacksmith Applications is making a profitable difference for his business.

Real Customers. Real Results.

Kraft’s (now The Kraft Heinz Company) foodservice team started looking for a new trade promotion application because their system was too slow and the team lacked visibility into operator profitability. Kraft implemented FORGE – and now, Kraft has unprecedented visibility into trade spend finances while managing business at the rapid pace of expectations. FORGE provides real-time program volume and financials by business and sales area, enabling insightful analysis. FORGE brings together distributor and operator data in one automated platform, providing a true 360 view of the business. 

Pilgrim’s Pride has been in the business for over six decades. While their products are unique, their trade investment experience is not unlike others. Pilgrim’s wanted a straight forward trade spend solution, which they found with FORGE. FORGE doesn’t require onerous rounds of customization, plus supports better business decisions. FORGE enables Pilgrim’s to leverage a complete foodservice trade solution without costly and time-consuming customizations. Because of FORGE’s simplified processes, it enables, Pilgrim’s has access to operator visibility, streamlined operator agreements and the ability to eliminate manual processes.

Smithfield’s original software provider didn’t have foodservice expertise to run implementations effectively. It often felt like they were worlds apart in their understanding of common business needs. Operator programs and deviated pricing were an ongoing concern. Smithfield decided they needed a knowledgeable partner and new solution: FORGE. Blacksmith Applications seamlessly integrated FORGE and SAP. Smithfield is obtaining benefits of FORGE through the accruals, auto pay, final settlement, and recapture interfaces. FORGE established programs addressing Smithfield’s primary challenges and now Smithfield sees precise P&Ls in the application workflow. No averages. No plugs.

Simplot recognized that their trade promotion and price management processes were time-consuming and prevented them from being as responsive to customers as desired, and did not provide full visibility and insight to make good decisions. Simplot implemented FORGE and go-live was problem-free. Simplot estimates that approval time has been reduced by 50-75%, and is more accurate. Simplot’s sales, marketing and finance teams now use FORGE to automatically evaluate the profitability of each price agreement and route deals based on approval thresholds and hierarchy.

No More Bad Prices

“After implementing FORGE, we have better visibility. Our pricing analysts are making better decisions, resulting in prices that are more profitable. We have dramatically reduced ‘bad’ prices going out the door. Before, we had a dartboard approach as to the ‘right’ price. We feel like we’re on track with our expectations from financial and efficiency perspectives.”

-Frank McManus, Revenue Manager

Numbers speak louder than words:


Our customers include 10 of the top 25 CPG manufacturers


In their category, 20 of our customers are among the top 5


15,000 users rely on Blacksmith every day


$10 billion in promotions managed every year

The Story of Sky High ROI

How one customer realized a 2% increase in net revenue, a 6% reduction in trade spending and a 21x ROI on their TPO implementation. No, it's not too good to be true.

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