Eliminate This Today to Improve Trade Spend Success

Posted on June 22, 2017 by Caitlin Orosz under Trade Spend Topics

How do you gather and analyze your trade spend data? Trade promotion management (TPM) software is a proven tool used by CPG manufacturers to amass and compare data on operator and distributor trade programs, margins and consumption.

But, adoption of TPM software is fairly low. According to Retail Info Systems, estimates show that at least 60% of companies are using custom-built or manual processes.

What’s the problem with manual documentation in trade spend?
  1. Limited Visibility
  2. Inaccurate Measurements
  3. Program Misconceptions
  4. Human Error
  5. Various Versions

Manual processes equal chaotic spreadsheets, and prevent you from getting the most from your promotional dollars.

Have you had trouble planning, executing or settling programs? Can you easily create and analyze contracts? Is it time consuming to approve workflows?

Manufacturers like you are challenged to make smart trade investments. To accurately link your trade spend to a specific program, you’ll need a pricing application that can systematically pull data to enable informed decisions.

Take the risk out of your trade promotion management. With objective functionality in your trade management application, you can take advantage of features like:
  • Auto rollover: your expiring program will automatically rollover, without you revising and copying it.
  • Auto pay: the system generates a billback; calculations based on rebates and payment.
  • Shortcut routing: if the target is within set guidelines, the program automatically routes through approval process.
  • Volume update: calculation based on claims, rebates and billbacks.
  • Revision report: view any contract in its original form and track its changes at a product level.
  • Self-service P&L: proactively create a deal without talking to finance or leaving the application and calculate exact profitability.


FORGE screenshot

You don’t need to be overloaded with unmanageable spreadsheets that detract from your business’s success. Choose a software that helps you plan, improve and forecast effective deals and take advantage of autonomous technology for a dynamic experience.

With an application like FORGE, you can manage your trade dollars and arrange data and communication associated with your trade spending process – from contact creation to billbacks and deduction processing.

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