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You can do it all from the FORGE homepage. Create and update customer programs, review margins, review program revision history, search programs, review workflow status for approvals, access payment history, create billbacks, audit for deviations, set automatic payments, generate distributor and operator letters, view standard and self-serve reporting. And that’s just some of it. The application is cloud-based, so no VPN is required and you can access on any device with an internet browser…like your smart phone.

Each user will have visibility only to the screens and scorecards associated with their profile. The application is highly configurable with many features that can be implemented to create the ideal FORGE environment for your team. Our professional services group will work with you to evaluate the impact of various options. What you see outlined below is just the beginning.


Create, Update & Evaluate

Create customer programs quickly via pre-loaded templates as the application automatically advances you from step to step until the contract is complete. FORGE discount types include fixed price, rebate, lump sum and growth. If multiple products are to be included, special functionality allows you to load lists. Upon creation, you will be able to edit volume, view margin, and route for approval all within the application. The margin page shows important and accurate financials about the program, inclusive of all other customer deals (including operator and distributor) that may impact it.

We know you don’t have time to waste when you’re looking for information, so the FORGE program search functionality allows you to filter with impressive precision. You can also save programs to a favorites folder. For example, a user could tag every program they create in WIP status, because they’re probably going to want to review that list frequently. Additional shortcuts and guidelines simplify and streamline program revisions and other processes.

Billbacks & Deductions

Create & Validate

Create billbacks with a simple stage gate process. The application moves you from step to step. FORGE’s validation process will check for deviations: verifying the payee is eligible for the program, verifying the dates fall within program parameters, looking for overlapping claims, verifying SKU/distributor authorization, validating purchases, and confirming the rate requested matches the rate expected. Users can make decisions to pay the expected, claimed or a manually determined amount by rate or volume. Payment can be facilitated through the application as well.

Manage your deductions in one central location. Search, split, reassign, resolve & write off. You can set reminders, add notes, and keep a call log as well.

Analytics & Reporting

Information & Insights

FORGE includes functional reporting to allow smooth routing of transactions within the application. Various analytics features enable robust dissections of data and easy-to-use dashboards.

The Auto Pay Report includes steps to approve, delete, and recalculate billbacks prior to payment. The Deviation Report can be used to apply deviations to a customer’s next auto pay. Deviations are the balance between what was paid to a customer and what was calculated to be paid by FORGE. Depending upon the chosen actions, these deviations will be deducted from the customer’s next auto pay billback or be rebilled. Remove, ignore, or recalculate before auto pay flows.

FORGE allows you to review spending vs. commitment among top programs. Another dashboard view segments by major corporate account to give area managers a quick view into how local houses are performing with their funds. Summaries by sales area and fund type are available for sales management oversight purposes. Additional views allow the user to track specific programs within their area by fiscal year and type.

Bells & Whistles

The system is highly configurable. If there’s something you’d like to do or see in the application, there is a good chance we have functionality available to make it happen.

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