Helping you optimize trade and enhance sales planning so you can grow revenue through smarter trade investments

Market-leading trade promotion management software, sales planning, promotion optimization and advanced analytics SaaS solutions.

Foodservice TPM

Trade promotion management software to create contracts, process & validate claims, match deductions, make payments and increase revenue & profit with comprehensive analytics.

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Retail TPM

One location for planning, forecasting, tracking and reporting. Integrate with demand planning to ensure proper production as promotion timelines shift. A single solution for every channel.

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Combine TPM with TPO for a full TPx solution. TPO facilitates predictive planning, post-event analysis, baseline visualizations and much more. Constraint-based modeling determines the optimal promotional mix.

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Manage and Optimize Trade Investment and Sales Planning

Whether you’re dabbling in digital channels or running traditional trade promotions, our applications offer end-to-end support:

EVERY PROMOTION: Corporate, Buying Group, Distributor, Retailer, Wholesaler, Marketing, GPO, National Account, Operator, School Bid and Brokerage Programs / Accruals. Programs can be paid off invoice or settled via check or credit.

EVERY CHANNEL: Retail, Foodservice, In-Store Deli, Perimeter, C-Store, Institutional, Export, Club & Mass Merch.


Great Companies Choose Blacksmith Applications

"We really needed something more robust."

The benefit of an end-to-end trade solution that delivers efficiency through automation is what drove Tamie Griffith of Rich Products to choose Blacksmith for her business.

The Blacksmith Cloud Ecosystem

Use some – or all – of our integrated systems to achieve ultimate revenue growth for your CPG business.


Cloud Capabilities:

  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Supply & Demand Planning
  • Trade Promotion Management & Optimization
  • Customer & Joint Business Planning
  • Data Visualization & Integrated Insights
  • Reporting & Analytics



Questions abound in these uncertain times. As part of our Here to Help initiative, Blacksmith’s CPG gurus are opening up their calendars for office hours.

Topics we’ve been asked about include: How to address baseline anomalies  –  How to review and ensure proper accruals  –  How to analyze segment shifts … & more.

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