Why Blacksmith

Industry-first. It's that simple. Everything we do is rooted in an unfailing commitment to serve as more than a software provider. We bring an entire trade team to the table. We understand your business. We speak the same language you do.

Join other industry leaders.

Here's what we bring to the table:


We understand your challenges and opportunities.

  • Our team is comprised of talent from within the industry, heralding from companies like KraftHeinz, McCain, Pactiv, Conagra and many others.
  • This unique industry expertise allows us to design solutions for customer challenges better than anyone else in the market.
  • We’ve been the leader in the category since 2000 and continue to separate ourselves through product and service innovation.

We help you respond to opportunities faster by streamlining decision-making while maintaining accountability.

  • Our approval workflow is driven by measures that matter – including contribution margin, project expense and available budget balance.
  • Your transaction cycle times decrease dramatically because the application requires action only from necessary individuals and in the appropriate sequence.

We greatly increase your efficiency with billback and deduction processing.

  • We provide a comprehensive billback validation and settlement engine for the wide range of programs you offer.
  • Our clients achieve significant dollar savings, resource reduction and process cycle time improvement post-implementation.

We offer a broad and deep range of configuration options to support your processes.

  • The combination of our process model tools and knowledge of industry best practices allows you to dramatically reduce the need for custom features to support the needs of the business.
  • Configuration flexibility permits future functionality as your business grows and evolves.

We share best practices from our experience with industry leaders to craft the most profitable and efficient trade system for your business.

  • Our customer community is powerful and we are intertwined in their businesses.
  • We share best practices from successful projects to further optimize the systems and processes of every customer.

Don't just take our word for it. Find out what customers have to say.

Video Testimonial: Conagra Brands

Great companies use FORGE. Conagra Brands has been a customer since 2002. See what they say about FORGE and Blacksmith’s exceptional service.

Video Testimonial: Rich Products

Great companies use FORGE. Rich’s has been a customer since 2011; learn what they’ve gained from a foodservice tailored software system.

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