FORGE Analytics

Delivering price discount and trade promotion performance insights that are accessible & visual.

Insights Made Easy


A premium data visualization experience comes to life. Clean, interactive dashboards and reports at your fingertips.


Available for use on all devices and with all browsers. Access reliable, segmented data when and where you need it.


Dynamic search, simple step scheduling, one-click drill down and more. Insights for the “every user”.

See what the FORGE Analytics Tool is about in this video:

Industry Praise for FORGE Analytics


It’s easy to pull big picture reports and see where we stand with all customers and it’s easy to filter down.

Rob Board

Pentallect Inc.

We had an opportunity to see the upgrades on FORGE Analytics and it’s a game changer.

Gary Karp

Rich Products

Sales will be able to login from phones and tablets and prep for meetings on the go.

Chuck Mosey

Conagra Brands

View visual data quickly and accurately. We’ll be able to make decisions faster going forward.

Chris DeLorme

When Can I Get It?

We'll be rolling out the analytics enhancement package in 2018.

If you are not a FORGE customer but wish to learn more about managing your retail
or foodservice trade programs and analytics with FORGE, contact us today.

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