Bagcraft Uses Margin Analysis for Profitable Pricing

With visibility to make more efficient business decisions, Bagcraft reduces 'bad' prices to get on track with financial expectations.

FORGE Creates Value for Bagcraft

With FORGE, Bagcraft discovers valuable trade spend opportunities for trade programs and claim settlements.

Bagcraft historically managed trade rebates and operator bid pricing with manual processes. Since manual processes are time-consuming, Bagcraft felt like they had to choose between making good decisions and making decisions quickly. Given industry conditions, flat market growth coupled with increased pressure for more aggressive pricing and additional sheltered income, the leadership team agreed that investing in technology would address the current challenges and establish a foundation for future opportunities.

Bagcraft needed a more efficient and accurate tool to calculate the basis of corporate rebates. Bagcraft chose Blacksmith Applications because it was the only software company with true foodservice functionality and expertise. FORGE is able to meet Bagcraft’s needs like paying corporate rebates based on net dollars. FORGE is capable of solving Bagcraft’s biggest trade spend issues, like consistency in operator-deviated pricing.



Sales, marketing and finance departments utilize FORGE to evaluate profitability of each price agreement and automatically route deals based on approval thresholds.



The key area of driving ROI has been the accuracy of corporate and buying group payments. With FORGE, you can accurately reflect the exact amount based on the customer.



Blacksmith Applications has a team of experts who have trade spend knowledge and the ability to process customer needs and tie them into the software’s capabilities.

Bagcraft's Decisions Backed by FORGE Features

Margin Evaluation: Review deal-level P&L analysis inclusive of all other customer programs.

Auto Pay: Set up automated payment terms for distributor rebate programs

Approval Workflow: Establish shortcuts with volume and margin guidelines to further automate contract and program approval.

Simple Search Tools: Find what you’re looking for without sorting through excessive nesting files

Recapture: Set up recapture programs to be managed automatically in the system per distributor agreements

Testimonials from Bagcraft Employees

  • “As a result of implementing FORGE, we have better visibility and decision making. Our pricing analysts are making better decisions, resulting in prices that are more profitable. We have dramatically reduced ‘bad’ prices going out the door. Before, we had a dartboard approach as to the ‘right’ price. We feel like we’re on track with our expectations from financial and efficiency perspectives.”
  • “We selected Blacksmith Applications because they were best able to address the key components we needed: trade management, contract management, deduction management, rebates and recapture.”
  • “Blacksmith was the smart choice.”

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