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Expert advice on trade strategies and sales planning

Learn why Spangler Candy has selected Blacksmith Applications as its trade promotion management and optimization solution provider.

Learn the 5 key CPG marketing challenges and learn how the consumer packaged goods industry can turn those challenges into opportunities.

Trade marketing is a B2B marketing strategy designed to increase consumer demand for a product through partnerships.

Trade promotion management is the planning and processing of trade spend alongside optimization of your promotion activities.

Regardless of disruption, you've jumped in to tackle changes and challenges with grace and resilience. Let's look at the year in review.

Netflix knows what they're doing when it comes to understanding data. CPGs should apply Netflix's approach to their promotional investments.

We're joining forces with TABS Analytics. Manage, analyze and optimize omnichannel retail promotions through our technology.

Even looking ahead, we know that the pandemic will still be in the picture. What key CPG trends are going to dominate 2021?

Promotion optimization brings together spend analysis and sales planning. Promotion optimization impacts your performance outcomes.

CPGs can’t afford to not sell online if you want to be competitive in today’s marketplace.​

As Love Good Fats quickly expands its presence in-store and online, managing trade programs on Excel isn’t cutting it.

The reasons CPGs look at ERPs are really same reasons they look at TPM functionality.