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Expert advice on trade strategies and sales planning

A list of my 17 favorite CPG podcasts. A multi-task friendly resource where you can learn industry trends and tips.

Blacksmith Applications earns best-in-class CPG software distinctions from POI Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama report.

Food brokers kept their finger on the pulse of industry changes through research, partner connections, and technology.

Post-event analysis helps CPGs answer important questions about promotions, see category trends, and quantify COVID sales.

Using virtual research, menu optimization is easy. You can test different scenarios and implement those that maximize sales.

Data harmonization gives CPGs a true view of business performance. Find insights from ecommerce, brick-and-mortar, and specialty channels data.

Foodservice sales enablement software equips salespeople with the tools they need to work efficiently, maximize business, and drive revenue.

K-12 school foodservice is highly specialized and complex. You no longer need to spend time gathering product information for school bids!

We learned from CPG customers and subject matter experts about best practices in post-event analysis and data harmonization.

Sysco's new deduction policy is effective July 1. Ask these 10 important and timely questions regarding Sysco's announcement.

In 2020, the natural products industry hit $250+ billion in consumer sales with a compound annual growth rate of 8% over 10 years.

Learn why Spangler Candy has selected Blacksmith Applications as its trade promotion management and optimization solution provider.