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10 Steps: Standardize Deductions and Claims Processing


What are the best practices for efficient deduction and claim processing? For foodservice and consumer goods manufactures, starting with a contract management tool that centralizes trade programs and settlement information in one place is the first step. Then, you can focus on standardizing your process.


TPM Streamline Deductions Webinar

Some of the most critical pieces of trade promotion management include budget planning, deduction management and claims processing.

When properly managed, these processes boost a company’s profits and reduce losses.

Given the complex trade spend process… managing billbacks, deductions and claims is an ongoing challenge for consumer goods manufacturers.

If you’re looking for a proven method to standardize and manage your trade deductions and claims process, I recorded a webinar with a detailed review of the 10 steps you can take to launch a more efficient deduction and claims processing method.



My Tips for Better Deduction Management:

  • Invest in an organized contract management tool
  • Develop a claim submission guidelines for your customers
  • Streamline the process for creating deductions and processing claims
  • Track invalid deductions and repayment rate
  • Ensure your T&Cs are clearly defined on the program and enforced
  • Enlist the help of a cross-functional team within your organization


5 Benefits You Gain with TPM Automation:

  1. Gain visibility into contracts and settlements
  2. See all contracts and settlements in one place
  3. Improve accuracy and decrease discrepancies by auditing
  4. Utilize TPM system functionality to streamline deduction and claims processing process
  5. Track settlements (including short pays)



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