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17 CPG Podcasts You Should Subscribe To Right Now


Need some inspiration during your workday? Want to brush up on the latest industry trends? I have you covered! There are many great CPG podcasts out there – and I’ve compiled a list of my 17 favorites to share with you below.

The popularity of podcasts continues to catapult. They’re a multi-task friendly resource. Learn from someone outside of your network, hear about trends from a different perspective, or pick up work-first advice all while brewing your morning coffee.

You can listen anywhere any time. So, what podcasts peak your attention? Shout us out on LinkedIn (@Blacksmith Applications) or Twitter (@BlacksmithApps) to tell us what we missed.

CPG Podcasts


  1. The CPG Guys: Explore how CPG brands and retailers engage with consumers in-store, online, and everywhere in between.

Hosted by Sri Rajagopalan and Peter V.S. Bond

4.9 stars on Apple podcasts

One of our favorite episodes: Grocery Digital Growth Strategies and Technologies | Groceryshop’s VP of content Joe Laszio talks about the 2021 Groceryshop event – from how keynote speakers were selected to the value for attendees; whether you’re a retailer, brand, or service provider.


  1. Real Food Brands: Get tips and insights from CPG experts and food business founders who’ve built strong brands. Whether you’re scaling up or starting up, your brand strategy should be a foundational business tool to build a brand that stands out.

Hosted by Katie Mleziva

4.9 stars on Apple podcasts

Our favorite quote from the episode Developing Your Food Brand’s Growth Hypothesis | Elliot Begoun, founder of TIG says “Building a relationship with consumers is the ultimate predictor of long-term success.”


  1. CPG Insiders: Learn useful perspectives and insider information on media strategies, product packing, retailer needs, trends, traps to avoid, and how to succeed at retail.

Hosted by Mark Young and Justin Girouard

4.8 stars on Apple podcasts

An episode you’ll love: How the Brain Sees Advertising | Avoid common mistakes when you’re reviewing advertising executions. The hosts dive into the motivations behind consumer purchases and CPG marketers can get into the unconscious mind.


  1. Taste Radio: Be inspired by startups and established food and beverage brands. No topics are off limits; the podcast covers everything from industry trends to lessons learned in packaging, data, sales, and beyond.

Hosted by Ray Latif (BevNET Inc.)

4.9 stars on Apple podcasts

A great episode to start with: The ‘Evil’ Strategy is Remarkably Good | An interview with Charles Coristine, president and CEO of better-for-you snack brand LesserEvil, who spoke about the company’s remarkable turnaround from industry outcast to category leader.

🔥 Fun Fact: Blacksmith’s very own Jeff Elderton was interviewed for Taste Radio. Listen to his 5-minute Q&A about volatility in the BevAlc market and how we work with Nielsen on an innovation suite so that manufacturers can look at data across categories.


  1. McKinsey on Consumer & Retail: Hear the latest technology trends and the most pressing organizational challenges for leaders in the retail and consumer goods industry.

Hosted by Monica Toriello

4.8 stars on Apple podcasts

Our favorite quote from the episode Understanding the Ever-Evolving, Always-Surprising Consumer: “Small brands are particularly good at earning consumers trust and consequently, their loyalty. Now is the time for companies to embrace trust as a strategic imperative.”


  1. Unpacking the Digital Shelf: Unpack the future of brand manufacturing in the digital age.

Hosted by Peter Crosby (Digital Shelf Institute)

4.8 stars on Apple podcasts

One of our favorite episodes: McCormick Shows Brands How to Make Every Moment Shoppable | Learn how McCormick built a powerful ecommerce organization while leading a transformation on its direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy. Explore the company’s wins and lessons learned during this episode.


  1. NexxtLevel Brands: Focus on food, beverage, and CPG industry disrupters and thought leaders, but also pick up tips from industry vets and suppliers to achieve your goals.

Hosted by Steven Cleere

5.0 stars on Apple podcasts

A great episode to start with: Growing Through Iteration | Find out the best ways to engage with retailers, sample your products, and get recognized by consumers. Plus, CEO of King Juice Company and Calypso Lemonade, David Klavsons, talks about how to grow and scale your business.


  1. Soup-To-Nuts: Dish with tastemakers, trendsetters, and industry experts about everything from about emerging trends to regulatory pressures to marketing strategies.

Hosted by Elizabeth Crawford (FoodNavigator-USA)

5.0 stars on Apple podcasts

Our favorite quote from the episode Back to School Means Back to Business for Retailers and Brands: “The different weight consumers place on priorities influence how they shop and how much they’ll spend. There are 4 consumer segments. The first two groups are Practical Purchasers and the Deal Delighted, which combined are 67% of consumers. They’re focused on price, sales, coupons, and discounts.”


  1. The Month End: Access real life knowledge from successful CPG industry peers on accounting, finance, and operations.

Hosted by Brad Ebenhoeh

5.0 stars on Apple podcasts

A great episode to start with: Episode Six: Keeley Tillotson • Wild Friends Foods | Keeley says don’t waste time – get your website up – and get in front of people. Find out about the company’s dynamic decade in business.


  1. Consumer Speaks: Catch up on the experiences of Deloitte leaders and take in insights on timely topics across various industries – including consumer products, retail, and distribution.

Hosted by Sam Loughry

4.3 stars on Apple podcasts

A great episode to start with: New Rules – Challenges and Opportunities for the Retail Industry | Retailers are building back buyer confidence. The traditional thinking and rules about retail are no longer at play. Digital investment, supply chain integration, health and safety, and cost realignment are the biggest investments retailers expect for 2021.


  1. Beyond the Shelf: Dive into the topics that are shaping the food and beverage industry with guests from all corners of the business.

Hosted by Scott Curry (ChefsBest)

5.0 stars on Apple podcasts

One of our favorite episodes: How Customers Can Help Create New Flavor Profiles | During this episode, Brian Tate, founder and CEO of Oats Overnight, talks about how the company utilizes a subscription service to get feedback on new flavor profiles. Through this method, Oats Overnight gets direct feedback from more than 20,000 people who love and support the brand.


  1. How I Built This: Follow the extraordinary stories of innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists. Go behind the movements they built. Often, but not always, focused on CPG brands.

Hosted by Guy Raz (NPR)

4.7 stars on Apple

One of our favorite episodes: LÄRABAR: Lara Merriken | The inspiring story of LÄRABAR founder, Lara Merriken, and how she went from mixing up dates, cashews, and cherries at home in her Cuisinart to selling a multi-million dollar energy bar brand to General Mills.


  1. The Brand Builder: Brings you the people, stories, and lessons learned from the most innovative brands in the world.

Hosted by Sean Kelly, Jordan Cohen, Jeff Murphy (SnackNation)

4.8 stars on Apple

A great episode to start with: How Moonshot Snacks is Pioneering a Climate-Friendly CPG Movement | Julia Collins, founder of Moonshot Snacks, created the first explicitly climate-friendly snack brand. Julia’s on a mission to tackle climate change using the magic of food.


  1. Exit Intent by Growthbuster: A CPG marketing podcast featuring the people and strategies focused on growth, investment, and acquisition. The podcast is full of bite-sized conversations packed with actionable insights.

Hosted by Vasa Martinez

5.0 stars on Apple

Our favorite quote from the episode How Foodie Fit’s CMO Leveraged Community to Grow His Meal Prep Company by 4900% in 6 Years | Alex Lee, CMO of Foodie Fit says, “Our product is second to none. Guide consumers on a path to purchase. There’s multiple ways of winning – buy online, you can buy in-store, drive buyers to Amazon, give them a retail request form.”


  1. Masters of Scale: A business and finance podcast that introduces a theory on how successful brands scale then tests its validity by interviewing founders about their path to scale.

Hosted by Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)

4.6 stars on Apple

Our favorite quote from How to Teach Your Customer | Ethan Brown, founder and CEO at Beyond Meat explains, “I believe that you need to listen to your customers…even when what they want is inconvenient, or inconsistent. But you must track their point of view…and let them know you’re listening.”


  1. RETHINK Retail: A go-to destination for executive-led insights into the trends and innovations that are transforming the global retail landscape.

Hosted by Julia Raymond Hare

5.0 stars on Apple

A great episode to start with: Second Chances, DTC, and Redefining Social Commerce | Brandless CEO Cyndi Teo talks about the company’s focus on creating an online influencer community, and why acquiring like-minded, better-for-you brands to help grow and support it.



CPG Growth Podcast – coming soon!

The CPG Growth podcast from Blacksmith Applications will release its first episode on December 1. Join us every Wednesday for hot topics, best practices, and tech solutions for the consumer goods industry. Join our host Jennifer Schiffman to grow YOUR CPG business.