It’s that time again. Let’s break down what’s happened at Blacksmith Applications and in the world of our CPG customers in the past 12 months.

First, here are some fun numbers to report:



promotional events and trade offers entered in Blacksmith systems



 page views to our blog posts and resources



linkedin followers…. are you one of them?


$3.5 Billion

dollars in annual trade processed


And if we want to get into allllllll spending for our customers, it’s closer to $10 billion. That includes off-invoice, net pricing, and claims processed by all clients across all products.

Pretty easy to see why we’re all so passionate about what we do. There are a LOT of dollars at stake and we know they can be managed and spent smarter.


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This year we increased system capabilities, expanded customer engagement, grew our customer base, and tried some new things. If you want to learn more about anything we did in 2019, just reach out for more info.

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Increased Capabilities

Blacksmith Applications Acquires T-Pro Solutions

CPG companies seeking revenue growth and trade promotion solutions can rely on Blacksmith Applications for its powerhouse technologies. This transaction allows us to outpace the competition. Together [Blacksmith Applications and T-Pro Solutions], we have a broad presence across channels as a single market leader.

Customers like Rich Products (watch customer video) are already aggregating all channels of business under Blacksmith solutions.


Advanced Analytics

Our customers have been looking for a better way to quickly gather critical business insights. We put their vision to life with our new, advanced analytics platform which allows users to quickly analyze operator, distributor, sales and trade dollar metrics.



Is this something your team could use? Reach out to learn more.


Strategic Trade Group Growth

Smoke Jumpers (Trade Investment Sessions)

In May 2019, we hosted a record number of attendees during our annual Smoke Jumpers event in Chicago. Our keynote speaker, Jack Li of Datassential, energized the crowd with his presentation on menu trends, functional foods and artificial intelligence.

Other speakers included Julie Michel (Rich Products), Mike Druga (Butterball), Mike Bruening (GENPACT), and Tina Wefer (FSICI).

Welcome to the Family

New Customers

More and more CPGs are ready to automate their trade promotion management and optimize their spend. We’ve added awesome companies to our trade ecosystem (see new customer announcements here).

Plus, we gained new customers via the T-Pro acquisition:



Other Highlights from 2019:





Looking Forward


2020 marks Blacksmith’s 20th anniversary as a company. We look forward to sharing stories from our employees, customers, and industry friends about how our organization has grown into the market-leading solution for CPG manufacturers.

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The Blacksmith saves the day in one of our original comics.


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