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Expert advice on trade strategies and sales planning

If you seek a holistic, intuitive trade promotion planning tool then Blacksmith has the SaaS solution for you.

The right data, correcting data sources, and trade spend truths are all standing in your way of completing an effective post-event analysis.

Poor trade spend management has many CPG companies explaining missed objectives instead of sustainable returns.

$55 billion in CPG trade spending will migrate online in coming years since 80% of consumers browse or research grocery products online.

Like many CPGs trying to remain competitive in margin-compressed categories, this customer's goal was to identify a strategy that would improve revenue.

Are you experiencing trade promotion tehnology challenges? The solution is trade promotion execution (TPx).

Retailers want collaboration. Using data analysis and optimization, CPG companies can go to retail customers and modify sales plans.

To limit TPO functionality to only a customer insights department would severely decrease the insights that the application gives others.

Take TPO data and use it as a weapon for profitability – optimize your sales plan throughout the year to influence your bottom line.

Using excel is a very manual process; it left a lot of room for error. With TPO, CPG companies can review accurate baselines.

While the trade promotion optimizationn process should be simple, the outcomes should be powerful enough to make an impact.

We've identified 5 tips from successful finance leaders who regularly interact with their sales teams to establish more profitable outcomes.