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Expert advice on trade strategies and sales planning

Digital marketing – specifically retail media – promises CPGs a new ability to attribute sales directly to their media investments.

Post-event analysis helps CPGs answer important questions about promotions, see category trends, and quantify COVID sales.

Data harmonization gives CPGs a true view of business performance. Find insights from ecommerce, brick-and-mortar, and specialty channels data.

We learned from CPG customers and subject matter experts about best practices in post-event analysis and data harmonization.

Trade marketing is a B2B marketing strategy designed to increase consumer demand for a product through partnerships.

Promotion optimization software brings together spend analysis and sales planning. Your company needs a TPO solution for a competitive edge.

CPG businesses continue to see disruption due to COVID-19. The grocery channel is adapting to changes – state to state, market to market.

COVID-19 has totally changed consumer shopping behaviors. Find out what this means for your CPG business.

Could you imagine getting a six-figure payout for reconciling invalid deductions with your retail customer? This dairy manufacturer did.

$55 billion in CPG trade spending will migrate online in coming years since 80% of consumers browse or research grocery products online.

Retailers want collaboration. Using data analysis and optimization, CPG companies can go to retail customers and modify sales plans.

Using excel is a very manual process; it left a lot of room for error. With TPO, CPG companies can review accurate baselines.