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Expert advice on trade strategies and sales planning

CPG businesses continue to see disruption due to COVID-19. The grocery channel is adapting to changes – state to state, market to market.

COVID-19 has totally changed consumer shopping behaviors. Find out what this means for your CPG business.

Could you imagine getting a six-figure payout for reconciling invalid deductions with your retail customer? This dairy manufacturer did.

$55 billion in CPG trade spending will migrate online in coming years since 80% of consumers browse or research grocery products online.

Retailers want collaboration. Using data analysis and optimization, CPG companies can go to retail customers and modify sales plans.

Getting an accurate trade investment ROI during sales planning has proven problematic for many CPGs.

While data lakes provide access to the vast amount of data a company has, there is significant manual work to fish out any insights.

Retailers are offering more in-store data to consumer goods manufacturers. It's time for CPGs to take their data and analyze it.

Butterball was ready for an integrated trade promotion management process that included planning and P&L management.

Land O'Lakes implemented Blacksmith TPO solution which streamlined its business processes and analytical work to help it gain control of the trade investment.

The cost of the status quo places CPG companies in a position that jeopardizes growth and competitive advantage.

Retailer collaboration driven by predictive analytics is helping manufacturers and their partners drive better results.