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Expert advice on trade strategies and sales planning

Trade promotion management is the planning and processing of trade spend alongside optimization of your promotion activities.

Remote implementation of TPM and TPO software isn't going to be a headache for your business. It's a win.

CPG businesses continue to see disruption due to COVID-19. The grocery channel is adapting to changes – state to state, market to market.

COVID-19 has totally changed consumer shopping behaviors. Find out what this means for your CPG business.

Could you imagine getting a six-figure payout for reconciling invalid deductions with your retail customer? This dairy manufacturer did.

Since spending accruals are the moderate approach and preferred method, CPG manufacturers using the approach have an accrual accuracy of +/- .1%.

To limit TPO functionality to only a customer insights department would severely decrease the insights that the application gives others.

Getting an accurate trade investment ROI during sales planning has proven problematic for many CPGs.

We've identified 5 tips from successful finance leaders who regularly interact with their sales teams to establish more profitable outcomes.

Although integrating new software shouldn’t be taken lightly, TPM and TPO implementation will not engulf your IT resources.

While data lakes provide access to the vast amount of data a company has, there is significant manual work to fish out any insights.

Visibility can’t be ignored when you consider how it helped this frozen bread manufacturer and pastry importer.