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Caitlin Orosz

$55 billion in CPG trade spending will migrate online in coming years since 80% of consumers browse or research grocery products online.

Are you experiencing trade promotion tehnology challenges? The solution is trade promotion execution (TPx).

Retailers want collaboration. Using data analysis and optimization, CPG companies can go to retail customers and modify sales plans.

To limit TPO functionality to only a customer insights department would severely decrease the insights that the application gives others.

Take TPO data and use it as a weapon for profitability – optimize your sales plan throughout the year to influence your bottom line.

Although integrating new software shouldn’t be taken lightly, TPM and TPO implementation will not engulf your IT resources.

Land O'Lakes implemented Blacksmith TPO solution which streamlined its business processes and analytical work to help it gain control of the trade investment.

Retailers are offering more in-store data to consumer goods manufacturers. It's time for CPGs to take their data and analyze it.

To be successful in promotional optimization, you need to start with some fundamental pieces.