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Learn why Spangler Candy has selected Blacksmith Applications as its trade promotion management and optimization solution provider.

Trade promotion management is the planning and processing of trade spend alongside optimization of your promotion activities.

CPG businesses continue to see disruption due to COVID-19. The grocery channel is adapting to changes – state to state, market to market.

CPG data analytics address product, pricing and customer behaviors. Only 9% of businesses have fully implemented an analytics operating model.

To limit TPO functionality to only a customer insights department would severely decrease the insights that the application gives others.

Although integrating new software shouldn’t be taken lightly, TPM and TPO implementation will not engulf your IT resources.

Tyson upgraded from its legacy trade promotion management tool to Blacksmith TPM due to inefficiencies and time consuming functionality.

Leveraging a TPO tool enables you to create promotional plans that optimize spend and fuel your volume, revenue and profit goals.

In a world where more than half of trade deals don't break even, our goal is to provide insights and expertise on trade promotion management trends.

Trade promotion management is a complicated process. Here's what some food & beverage industry experts find to be the biggest mistakes manufacturers make.

We asked five industry experts, "What has been the biggest disruption to the food and beverage industry in 2018? Has it/will it impact trade spending now/in the future?"

The rise of store brands has diminished manufacturers’ traditional advertising and pricing power. Private-label dollar share could reach 25.7 percent by 2027.

Online CPG sales are growing two times as fast as online sales in general. The future of consumer goods is fast-paced and requires an equally fast response.

These food and beverage thought leaders will help you stay abreast of new buying trends to trade promotion management advances and everything in between.

There is only a 50/50 chance that any given trade promotion will be successful. Only 21% of CG manufacturers are satisfied with their ability to manage promotions.

Congratulations to the team at Land O’Lakes! Land O’Lakes’ deduction balance is 20% less than what it had been historically, a really impressive result.

Koch Foods really took the time to learn what approach would produce the best payout. They’re using TPM to maximize their efforts.

How do you reach retail consumers? Multiply your paths to purchase by using technology. Map the buying model by understanding and anticipating consumer behavior at every stage: planning, purchasing, and fulfillment. Run experiments in digital stores – they give you

To be successful in promotional optimization, you need to start with some fundamental pieces.

Smoke Jumpers XVII had a varied agenda — so we've compiled the biggest takeaways in industry trends, expectations and challenges.

Food is a big part of consumer spending; Americans spend $627 billion on groceries. Will shoppers start favoring online stores?

What does today's promotional marketing mix look like? Read more about how people are influenced to choose which products they buy.

Today’s digital shopper is spending about 25% of their food budget online; this number is anticipated to grow five-fold over the next decade.

59% of trade promotions net loss because brands continue to overlook strategic trends instead of implementing new practices and technologies. Read more.

As the countdown to 2018 begins, we took a look back at what content was most helpful and relevant to you. This blog review features our most-read trade spend posts of 2017.

Consumer goods companies are embracing trade spend data in order to generate actionable decisions that improve trade promotions.

At least 60% of companies are using custom/manual processes. Don’t miss out on improvement opportunities because you’re using Excel.

When looking for a trade and pricing application that facilitates (and improves) budgeting, planning and decision-making, these are the 3 questions to ask.

Sales, IT, marketing, operations, and management can improve business decisions with the right foodservice TPM application.