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Irina Stamenova

How trade promotion optimization solutions increase ROI and avoid the promotion definition of insanity in an increasingly dollar-conscious environment.

Trade Promotion Optimization

Foodservice supply chains are still lumpy nearly three years after the start of the COVID pandemic. In the meantime, digital sales enablement continues its onward march, and can help smooth out some of the bumps.

Foodservice sales Industry trends

Life may be like a box of chocolates – but if you use a TPM/O solution you know what you’re going to get on Valentine’s Day.

After two years of disruption, what does 2023 have in store for the CPG industry, and what can players do to leverage it? Read our 5 key trends to operationalize.

Industry trends

Which half of trade promotions work? What role does data-harmonized post event analysis have in understanding this, and what does that look like?

Data harmonization

How improving the transparency and frequency of accruals and reporting reduces the likelihood of overspend and underspend shocks.