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Terry Ziegler

Blacksmith Applications earns best-in-class CPG software distinctions from POI Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama report.

Promotion optimization software brings together spend analysis and sales planning. Your company needs a TPO solution for a competitive edge.

Now, with TPO software, InnovAsian can analyze and plan trade promotions by tactic, customer and product to achieve maximum revenue and profit results.

Ventura's team has found value in TPM and TPO functionality. They love the visibility, the master calendar, and more.

With TPO, Knouse Foods has better visibility and accountability on trade spending along with the ability to maximize our financial returns.

Land O’Lakes will experience the improved efficiencies and data visualization of real-time post-event analytics to measure quantifiable ROI and KPIs.

Kellogg's recognized the TPO advantage: The ability to efficiently analyze current trade spend to optimize future trade promotion planning.

The right data, correcting data sources, and trade spend truths are all standing in your way of completing an effective post-event analysis.

Like many CPGs trying to remain competitive in margin-compressed categories, this customer's goal was to identify a strategy that would improve revenue.

Optimize your promotional plans to drive more sales. The foundation of trade optimization is to improve strategy and results.

To eliminate risk, prioritize your trade spend data, define common objectives, and focus on the future.

Using excel is a very manual process; it left a lot of room for error. With TPO, CPG companies can review accurate baselines.

Netflix knows what they're doing when it comes to understanding data. CPGs should apply Netflix's approach to their promotional investments.