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Conagra Sees Strategic Value from Advanced Analytics


Conagra Brands has been a Blacksmith Applications trade promotion management (TPM) customer since 2002. Leveraging TPM software for profitable operator and distributor programs, they have seen incredible results.

Now, the forward-thinking company is jumping into the latest in foodservice analytics software, Advanced Analytics from Blacksmith Applications.

Conagra Brands - Blacksmith Applications customer

When the Conagra team saw Blacksmith’s Advanced Analytics tool, “we immediately saw its value,” says Matt Stredney, the company’s Business Development Manager. He continues, “There are a variety of ways to look at our data and bringing these dashboards to the forefront is going to improve our strategic analyses.”

As any foodservice manufacturer can tell you, there is so much data available – driving multitude of analyses – operator analysis, distributor profitability, pricing models, accrual audits, and sales performance – to mention a few. It’s easy to choke up on the data and become confused on which metrics influence profitability.

That all changes with Blacksmith’s Advanced Analytics tool.

Advanced Analytics

Blacksmith’s Advanced Analytics SaaS application gives foodservice manufacturers critical business insights on-demand. Using the software, you can quickly gain insight into your performance and profitability to analyze and grow your business.

Analytics Screenshot Blacksmith TPM

Conagra started implementing the Advanced Analytics tool in February 2020. Right off the bat, Matt and his team liked that the tool’s dashboards were easy to consume.

“With this tool, we can tailor visual reports to functional groups,” Stredney adds. In fact, Conagra has plans for many corporate functions to derive value from the analytics platform including business development, sales, finance, deduction management, and category marketing.

The sales team specifically is excited to utilize the dashboards to more effectively provide the story of what’s happening each month with their foodservice end customer. The visuals afford the team actionable insights related to foodservice trade. Sales will gain the self-service ability to really understand their accounts – quickly and visually.

For Stredney’s group, there’s an opportunity to be proactive. What once took in-depth work, will now be available in just a few clicks.

Stredney says that identifying trends and pulling together reports traditionally had taken 80% of the team’s time before Advanced Analytics. Then, the team only spent 20% of their time dedicated to analyzing metrics and providing actionable insights. “We feel like this tool will flip the script on that. With Advanced Analytics, 20% of our time will be spent running reports (if not less) and 80% (if not more) of the time we’ll be completing analysis and providing valuable insights to sales and marketing leadership.”

Conagra Analytics quote

Making the investment in a tool like this will help Conagra Brands highlight and identify opportunities. Strendey concludes, “this tool is going to be a huge win for the company.”