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Data-Driven Sales Planning through TPO: Snyder’s Lance


Snyder’s-Lance is ushering in data-driven business planning with the implementation of Blacksmith’s TPO solution. The choice to implement trade promotion optimization software supports the company’s commitment to category growth through improving its relationships with retail partners.

Snyder-Lance TPO

Mike Downey, VP of Strategic Planning and Commercialization at Snyder’s-Lance says,

“As we continue to expand our trade promotion capabilities, TPO has become a core component of our work. The application provides us with a deeper level of visibility to our promotional events which allows us to make better investment decisions for both our retail partners and for our customer teams.

The Blacksmith team has been a great partner in getting our organization up and running and we look forward to working with them to accelerate our capability.”

Blacksmith TPO software provides a single promotion and pricing intelligence center that generates accurate baselines so CPGs can evaluate post-promotion results in real time. In addition, our TPO application enables seamless planning which generates an optimal business plan for Snyder-Lance’s retail trading partners.

These system capabilities give our customers insights that really open the door to positive category impact. Optimization supports profitable results for our customers… and their customers. Furthermore, this software initiative aligns with Snyder’s-Lance’s published corporate objective of improving trade spend productivity and effectiveness.


The TPO solution was rolled out in less than 8 weeks.


“We wanted the insights of an experienced team who clearly had learned from and grew from working with a strong group of clients. With Blacksmith TPO, we found this partner and a solution that was intuitive and pragmatic in addressing our needs,” says Nikhil Sawant, CIO of Snyder’s-Lance.

The Blacksmith team is honored to be working with Snyder’s-Lance; a company committed to analytics-driven growth. “We take pride in working with a professional organization dedicated to taking their learnings to improve both their own growth and the health of their retail partners,” explains Wayne Spencer, Blacksmith VP of Retail Trade Promotion Execution.

“The ability to save time with improved processes and costs with improved intelligence while minimizing the strain on IT and other internal resources positions Snyder’s-Lance and our existing family of clients for annuitized results,” Spencer continues.

With TPO software, CPGs can take accurate baselines and real-time event insights to build a trade promotion strategy that aligns with revenue growth goals.