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Impossible Foods Accelerates Growth with Blacksmith TPM


Blacksmith Applications announces its first plant-based meat producing customer: Impossible Foods.

Founded in 2011, Impossible Foods is a Silicon Valley startup with a mission to make the global food system more sustainable. Famous for its first product, the “bleeding” plant-based burger, Impossible Foods is rapidly expanding across the United States. The Impossible Burger is widely available in foodservice. Recently, the company has made headlines for rolling its product out to major operators like Burger King and Caesars Pizza.



Impossible Foods signed a deal in December 2017 to implement Blacksmith’s trade promotion management (TPM) software solution.

Impossible Foods has successfully navigated the treacherous food startup world, thanks to its early commitment to powering trade spend with technology. Trade management technology helps manage the acceleration of trade spend and sales so that you can look back and evaluate your choices. Impossible Foods is interested in understanding profitability, their customers, and their margins.

With Blacksmith TPM, Impossible Foods can efficiently run their operator and distributor programs and have full visibility into workflow, profit, claims, and deviations. Impossible Foods selected Blacksmith TPM for their trade and promotional allowances after an extensive search.

David Thorne, VP of Business Development at Blacksmith Applications, said “It’s exciting to work with such a uniquely innovative manufacturer. Impossible is truly a food and technology company. It’s very smart for them to manage trade effectively on the ground floor.”

Impossible Foods values Blacksmith’s deep knowledge and experience in the industry and will look to the team for best practices about trade and settlement processes.