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InnovAsian Cuisine Optimizes In-Store Promotions with TPO


With TPO, InnovAsian accelerates promotional return and retailer partnerships.

In 2016, InnovAsian decided to improve trade promotion productivity and implemented Blacksmith TPO. The trade promotion optimization solution allows the company to quantify the ROI of executed trade promotions and optimize future planning to develop the best in-store promotional strategy.

“We’ve always had a high-level of interest in various trade promotion management tools, but often companies lacked the capabilities of accurately distilling the data that was important to us,” says Joe Kent, Vice President – Consumer Brands, at InnovAsian Cuisine. “What drew us to Blacksmith TPO is the optimization service and post-promotional analytics. These tools are exactly what helps us to create impact for our brand and trade promotions.”

Now, InnovAsian can analyze and plan trade promotions by tactic, customer and product to achieve maximum revenue and profit results.

InnovAsian wanted to move beyond the transactional capabilities of their TPM, and add in post-event analysis and constraint-based optimization functionality of TPO to develop and execute the most effective trade marketing strategy.

“The team we’ve worked with has been excellent. Blacksmith is responsive as we transition from our old systems to the new, optimized solution,” Kent adds.

Together, Blacksmith’s TPO solution and InnovAsian are innovating trade promotions through constraint-based modeling and predictive analytics to achieve the most beneficial results.

“We’re excited to be working with InnovAsian to help them integrate a solution that achieves the promotional outcomes that fits their objectives,” said Wayne Spencer, VP of TPx Commercialization.