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KraftHeinz Wins Blacksmith Applications Award for Evangelism


The Kraft Heinz Company is a globally acclaimed food and beverage producer, with beloved brands like Jell-O, Oscar Mayer, Cool Whip, and Philadelphia in its portfolio. Distributors and operators turn to KraftHeinz for everything from dairy and dessert, beverages and sauces. The company is ranked in the top five food and beverage companies in the world.

In 2003, Heinz became a Blacksmith Applications TPM customer and Kraft followed suit in 2014. In 2016, a year after the Kraft – Heinz merger, the company combined its two separate [Blacksmith] trade promotion management instances to create one model for the entire organization.

Lynn Beres, Manager of Customer Trade, notes, “Having a central trade system where our cross functional teams can all view and evaluate programs and items is key for us to make better decisions, faster.” Today, the company boasts $26.5 billion in net sales and operates under a century-long value legacy of superior quality, safety and service.

During the Smoke Jumpers trade investment strategic sessions in Chicago, The KraftHeinz Company was recognized with the award for Brand Evangelism.

KraftHeinz Award

The team at KraftHeinz is truly a group of Blacksmith trade software advocates, piloting new programs and expressing ideas for better functionality. TPM provides the company with program volume and financial information by business and category, enabling insightful analysis. The system enables visibility to both distributor and operator data in one P&L view.

Today, The KraftHeinz Company is in the beginning stages of implementing the trade promotion management application to a business unit that did not have a trade system in the past. It will provide clear visibility on D&A to that business. Beres says that Blacksmith’s products support the company’s success through “transparency and visibility. We can analyze our programs to make sure we are priced and positioned correctly to win.”

Beres continues, “For those considering a trade and pricing software, Blacksmith TPM is the clear choice. We have improved our workflow, reduced our deduction balance and can drill down into promotional performance with ease. It’s a tool that will add visibility to your trade deals and provide a sustainable growth model for your company.”



Congratulations to KraftHeinz on their outstanding achievements in trade promotion!