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Land O’Lakes Prioritizes Analytics and Customer Planning with TPO


Prioritizing improvements to the productivity and performance of their trade promotion investments, Land O’Lakes decided to implement Blacksmith’s TPO solution.

This TPO solution is user-friendly, “and from an integration standpoint, the business can handle almost everything with little or no assistance from IT,”  says Scott Johnson, Sr. Manager – Business Solutions, Land O’Lakes.

With the integration of Blacksmith TPO into its current trade promotion processes, Land O’Lakes will experience the improved efficiencies and data visualization of real-time post-event analytics to measure quantifiable ROI and KPIs.

Big wins with TPO:

  • Data-driven decision making
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Sustainable growth



Now, Land O’Lakes has one customer planning and intelligence center with accurate baselines and predictive analytics. The sales team benefits from a complete and integrated solution encompassing post-event analytics and customer planning.

For Land O’Lakes, a trade promotion optimization solution has “given us an ability to impact a greater breadth and depth of customers and promotions, through greater visibility and streamlining analysis. It has laid the groundwork for us to further define score-carding and overall process across the organization,” says Johnson.

“We look forward to assisting Land O’Lakes in automating much of their analytical and planning capabilities by tying together various data sources to build better trade plans and achieve their organizational goals,” states Blacksmith’s VP of TPx Commercialization, Wayne Spencer. “Our team is committed to providing industry-leading analytics practices to the entire team at Land O’Lakes.”