Be sure to ask these important and timely questions regarding Sysco’s announcement to deduct all payments owed for supplier chargebacks. The policy will be effective July 1.

  1. What is the dispute process for collecting repayment of unauthorized deductions? What is the expected timing relative to collection of unauthorized deduction dollars?
  2. Relative to timing, will the operator claims for June POD submitted the first week of July be the first period that will be deducted? If not, what is the timing/POD month?
  3. Currently net pricing for category awards are executed off invoice. Will the new policy effect those transactions?
  4. The majority of our trade allowances are passed along off invoice. Will the new policy effect those transactions?
  5. When a Sysco location purchases through Dot Foods, how will this new process function?
  6. What is the expected latency between the purchase from Dot and the deduction being taken?
  7. Will each individual Sysco house deduct for their allowances or will there be one corporate deduction?
  8. Will food show booth fees and food show allowances also become deductions?
  9. If a local house specifically requests a check from our organization, how should we respond?
  10. Does this new policy involve Sygma in any way?