How can operators benefit from TPM functionality? Operators need a way to connect all of the pieces together. The right TPM solution will help to track distributor purchases, set up manufacturer rebate programs, buid and send invoices, collect and reconcile rebate checks, and offer detailed reporting.

To be successful, foodservice operators need to navigate the complexities of pricing, inventory and technology. 71% of operators report that they’ve changed their purchasing behavior based on market challenges: finding, retaining a workforce, online ordering processes and managing supply chain relationships.

Operators also have to consider how to manage contracts with manufacturers and distributors. Operators especially value suppliers who will add value to their business; through product knowledge and flexibility. A popular trend among commercial and non-commercial operators: carry less inventory, consolidate suppliers, use more rebates, and place smaller orders.

21% of non-commercial operators are likely to carry less inventory than they had previously. As a result of these changes in their buying habits, roughly 15% of those operators say they now purchase supply items more frequently.

As an operator, you’re responsible for building rebate programs for your location(s). So, you need a way to connect all of the pieces together. 75% of foodservice operators use and/or invest in purchasing and inventory management software.

What foodservice operator solutions do we offer?

Our integrated, tiered SaaS trade promotion management application offers multiple modules to help run your business to meet the demands of your customers.

  • Track Distributor Purchases
  • Set Up Manufacturer Rebate Programs
  • Build And Send Invoices To The Manufacturers
  • Collect And Reconcile
  • Rebate Invoices
  • Detailed Reporting