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Pilgrim’s Wins Award for Implementation from Legacy TPM System

Pilgrim’s is the second-largest chicken producer in the world; known for its healthy, high-quality products.

After completing a 5-month system implementation that was efficient and under budget, Blacksmith Applications presented Pilgrim’s with the customer award for superior implementation and conversion from a legacy system.

Pilgrim’s had concerns about their lack of visibility into operator programs and the difficult process of validating operator claims.

Challenges with their legacy software prompted Pilgrim’s to use Blacksmith TPM for operator program creation.

Since implementing Blacksmith TPM, Pilgrim’s has reaped benefits from the application’s operator program analysis:

✅ The detailed margin page shows the impact of overlapping trade programs, enabling the team to effectively examine how many dollars are being measured against each case.

✅ The trade adjustment functionality supports analysis of program validation outside of a siloed environment, and the ability to load data by line item to extend visibility.

Sr. Project Manager at Blacksmith Applications, Kelly Cole, says, “The team at Pilgrim’s realized current trade management challenges with their process and system and recognized the value in best practices provided by Blacksmith Applications.”

Pilgrim’s leaned on Kelly’s domain expertise during their transition, leading them to implement trade program templates that directly inform on profitability on operator deals, analyze spend driven by volume, and save time by reviewing the accurate P&L statement. “To finalize the successful conversion, our team trained Pilgrim’s internal team and its brokers to make them TPM utilization experts,” says Cole.

Pilgrim’s faced their challenges head on – and now, have positive insights through operator purchase visibility, accountability for discounts, and improved decision making based on operator agreements.

Congratulations, Pilgrim’s and cheers to more success in program visibility!