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Purely Elizabeth Enhances Promotional Execution


Purely Elizabeth is one of the healthiest brands on the market. It’s certified vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The company has created superfood-filled, award-winning, organic foods that are all the buzz at the supermarket.

It all started when holistic nutritionist Elizabeth Stein set out to provide healthier, better-tasting foods. It’s no secret – Purely Elizabeth took off. Major retailers (The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Target, and more) picked up the product line nationwide.Purely Elizabeth - Blacksmith Applications customer

As Purely Elizabeth rolls out new products and finds itself to be a customer favorite, sales planning and promotional activity took priority.

First, the team built a trade management and optimization solution internally, but it was quickly recognized as an insufficient option moving forward, requiring too much time and too many resources. It was time to find a new solution.

Purely Elizabeth decided to implement Blacksmith TPM and TPO.

After researching trade promotion management and optimization software vendors, Purely Elizabeth decided to implement Blacksmith TPM and TPO. With Blacksmith, the team can leverage TPM and TPO software to enhance their trade promotion execution. Now, they can accurately forecast, plan and understand trade investment ROI.


Purely Elizabeth’s Trade Spend Goals:

  1. Visibility • Granularity into all trade dollars and promotional activity
  2. Deduction Management • Automation means less time managing deductions
  3. Optimization • Proprietary baseline calculations, post-event analysis and what-if scenario planning


“Blacksmith was able to cover all the bases. They showed us exactly how we could achieve our goals and objectives on their solution.”

–Mark Freeburg, Chief Financial Officer at Purely Elizabeth


“Our team is excited to work with this innovative brand,” said Joe Miesse of Blacksmith Applications. “With Blacksmith TPM, Purely Elizabeth will drastically reduce their hours spent managing deductions, and instead use their time to enhance their promotional tactics. It’s an exciting future!”

Purely Elizabeth became a Blacksmith Applications customer in June 2020.