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Smithfield Awarded for TPM Integration


Smithfield Foods is a $14 billion global food company and the world’s largest pork processor. In 2005, Smithfield Foods switched from its legacy trade promotion management system, Vistex, to become a Blacksmith Applications TPM customer.

Now, years later, we’re at it again – working collaboratively to merge core brands including Farmland, and John Morrell, onto one TPM solution.

Smithfield Foods was recognized with the customer award for superior integration with an enterprise platform.


Shawn Kaylor and Len Nicholson accepted the award on behalf of Smithfield.

TPM Integration with SAP HANA

Smithfield Foods is the first Blacksmith Applications customer to integrate Blacksmith’s TPM with the SAP HANA platform. The steering committee evaluated each TPM solution, and unanimously decided to go with Blacksmith TPM – largely because of its user-friendly interface and history of integrating successfully with SAP tools.

SAP HANA is a high performance in-memory database management system that serves as the platform for new SAP products and analytical capabilities. As part of this project, they are extending the implementation of Blacksmith solutions across the organization.

The integration between SAP HANA and Blacksmith TPM is progressing well, with both the business and Blacksmith Applications highly engaged to ensure an optimal result.

Smithfield uses Blacksmith TPM for multiple sales channels, including retail, FSD, deli, c-store, perimeter, club, and mass merch.

Beth Malinowski, Sr. Project Manager at Blacksmith Applications says, “While many CPG companies use separate trade promotion management software to manage their different channels, such as FS, Retail, Deli, etc., we are managing all Smithfield’s channels within one application.”