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The Top 7 Trade Management Blog Posts | 2018


Can you believe that it’s the end of the year already? In a world where more than half of trade deals don’t break even, our goal is to provide insights and expertise on trade promotion management trends, news and systems so that CPGs can become more efficient and profitable. We’ve looked back at the new blogs we’ve published this year and rounded up the top seven most-read posts. Enjoy!

  1. The Top 27 Food and Beverage Thought Leaders to Follow

  • We curated a list of the top industry resources. These experts will help you stay up-to-date on everything: new buying trends, trade management best practices and changes in consumer behaviors.
  • Read more.



  1. Blacksmith Applications Acquires GoSimple

  • In January 2018, Blacksmith Applications proudly announced its acquisition of GoSimple. GoSimple TPM is a straightforward end-to-end solution that gets foodservice and consumer goods manufacturers up and running in no time.
  • “Together, we can reach all tiers in the market, delivering product solutions that are best-in-class and structured for the needs of companies managing trade promotions, regardless of their size,” said Brian Maloney.
  • See the press release.



  1. How to Effectively Manage Broker Commissions and Relationships

  • Of course, there are benefits to using food brokers (lower rates, increased sales, in-depth knowledge of local markets), but there can be friction between manufacturers and brokers. We dive into these challenges and explore the best ways to effectively manage broker commissions and relationships. Read more.


  1. Expert Insights: Disruption Impacts Trade Spend

  • What would you declare 2018’s biggest disruption to food and beverage, and how it impacts trade spend?
    • “The consumer expects (as they should) safe food products. If an operator loses that trust, they are gone.” -Jim Klass, MarketIntelligence
    • “We experienced a cultural (and thus consumer) sensitivity toward ‘big food,’ and awareness of social issues related to food production and supply chain.” -Taylor Crown, Strategy&
    • “A talent crunch in the foodservice industry as well as cultural shifts are beckoning notice across all levels of an organization.” -Laura Bonich, Wolf Search Solutions
    • “The trucker shortage, alongside the electronic log mandate.” -Jessica Bormann, ACH Foodservice
    • “From a trade perspective, the empowerment of the consumer would indicate that trade spend should increasingly move toward pull from push.” -David Thorne, Blacksmith Applications
  • Read more from our experts: Disruptions to Trade Spend and Mistakes in Trade Promotion


  1. Promotional Mix — Does Your Product Stand Out?

  • “The physical store may be the destination, but there’s been an explosion of paths that shoppers use to get there,” said Kelly Cole, Blacksmith Applications Sr. Project Manager.
  • To create a winning in-store promotional strategy, think about promotions from the consumer’s perspective. Check out these three promotional ideas to boost your in-store sales.



  1. How Food Manufacturers are Embracing Plant-Based Meats

  • In 2016, Americans ate, on average, 55.6 pounds of beef. But, the market is shifting – 34% of meat-eating Millennials eat a handful of vegetarian dinners every week – and food manufacturers are listening. Learn how Impossible Foods, Tyson, Kraft and Nestle set out to make the global food system more sustainable with plant-based meats.
  • Don’t miss the Smoke Jumpers magazine feature story on Impossible Foods: Starting Strong – Why Impossible Foods is banking on a technology-enables trade strategy to fuel its growth and limit its risks.



  1. Effective Trade Promotion Leads to Increased Profits

  • 73% of food manufacturers plan to grow their revenue by 5% or more. Improving trade promotion efficiencies can have a significant impact on revenue generation if you take the right actions in the right order. Read more.