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Tyson Foods Awarded for Systems Innovation



At Tyson Foods, the foodservice business claims almost one in every three dollars; in 2017 its sales totaled $12.6 billion. Tyson Foods offers more than 7,000 items for purchase through its foodservice division and its customers include national chains, distributors, schools and independent operators.

Tyson’s foodservice team recognized gaps in their trade spend processes – tasks like quickly evaluating margins, approving workflows, and understanding data – took too much time from the team’s focus of strategic thinking. These gaps may feel familiar to you if your TPM solution is inflexible.

“The folks at Tyson acquired a few companies [Sara Lee – Hillshire, Advance Pierre]. As of a couple years ago, they were running on a couple versions of software. They embarked on a project to roll those companies together on HANA S4. Trade tools were changing, they had 40 different software projects taking place and they just went live. It was a monumental effort,” explains Paul Wietecha, President and CEO of Blacksmith Applications.

Transitioning software solutions is no small undertaking. And, after its integration and go-live, Tyson Foods confirms that “working on the tool’s business requirements with the Blacksmith team has been a pleasure. The Blacksmith team’s expertise in the foodservice industry has made them second to none in effectively designing this tool to fit Tyson’s business needs.”

Given the team’s bold decision to move away from its legacy trade promotion management to Blacksmith’s TPM, Tyson Foods was awarded with the Blacksmith Applications customer award for Excellence in Systems Innovation.

The team at Tyson Foods is looking forward to using Blacksmith’s TPM application to improve their day-to-day business processes.”We are very impressed with Blacksmith’s constant focus on continuous improvement of the tool as well as improving analytics,” says Charles Boger, Senior Director of Pricing.

The team wants to focus on building their foodservice business – focusing on the right reports and analytics. “With the available P&L analytics on deals, we can review outstanding quarterly deals in mass which greatly improves the efficiency of the entire team. This frees up time for the team to be more strategic and proactive in driving the growth of our business.”

Boger continues, “The overall configuration flexibility of the tool as well as Blacksmith’s openness to make changes to the tool where they see value for all their clients without incremental cost to Tyson has been fantastic. And again, Blacksmith’s proactive approach to improving the tool based on trends in the foodservice industry gives us a high comfort level that our ongoing needs for improvements will be met with little incremental investment.”