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Ventura Foods Rolls Out Blacksmith TPO Solution


Ventura Foods, a leading manufacturer of branded and custom oils, dressings, sauces and more rolled out Blacksmith’s TPO solution. The software integration lets Ventura efficiently analyze their trade promotion results and optimize future trade promotion investments with their retail trading partners.

With TPO software, Ventura can consolidate their data — syndicated point of sales history, shipment, pricing, cost of goods, trade promotion spending — into one customer promotion and planning intelligence center.



“We welcomed the opportunity to integrate our TPO solution at Ventura Foods. TPO eliminates manual planning and analysis. It works hand in hand with their sales organization to help drive record results,” states Wayne Spencer, Blacksmith Applications retail trade expert.

“By optimizing our trade strategy with Blacksmith’s TPO, we’ve been able to reduce spend and grow profit with minimal volume decline,” says Sarika Sadarangani, Senior Business Development Manager at Ventura. She continues, “We’re always trying to get the most impact for the dollar spent. With the master calendar (TPO functionality), it’s easy to view and analyze snapshots of past promotions.”

Ventura’s team has also found value in the Blacksmith what-if event scenario report, which allows the sales team an opportunity to do the first round of validations prior to asking for incremental promotion.

Sadarangani adds, “I think a successful promotion is one that provides both short- and long-term benefit to the manufacturer and the retailer.”

“Trade promotions are a great trial driver for consumers – whether for a brand or a flavor. Promotions are minimal risk; we are trained to think ‘Well, I didn’t spent that much on it.'”

Blacksmith Applications is excited to see Ventura Foods achieve its strategic objective of optimizing trade promotion investments. With optimization automation, Ventura will grow revenue and profit.