Experience the only TPM solution engineered by CPG experts. FORGE outperforms ordinary solutions and manual processes to deliver the industry-specific functionality you need to run your business. Stop spending time educating vendors on basic business practices. Work with software professionals who speak the same CPG and foodservice language you do.

A software solution is useless unless people, well…use it. FORGE is a system for everyone. Easy to navigate. Easy to use from anywhere at any time. Simple UI, workflows and shortcuts speed the adoption cycle.

The Value of FORGE

FORGE delivers workflow automation, program creation capabilities, transactional data visibility, profit controls, and the backing of a team with decades of CPG experience. Realize valuable time savings and financial gains through use of the application and by leveraging insights from system analytics. FORGE is the TPM software market-leader, providing a single set of tools to streamline your end-to-end trade spend needs across channels.

Create Programs with Ease

FORGE allows you to enter new program proposals for all types of customers programs – including operator and distributor. The application will automatically generate a program P&L for review. You can configure approval guidelines based on margin, cost and available budget. Auto-approval can be used for programs that meet the guidelines and those requiring approval will be automatically routed in the workflow. Because all customer programs flow through the system, you can be assured that margin assessments will be accurate. No averages or estimates.

Settle Claims in Less Time

FORGE reduces manual processes and improves settlement outcomes via automated billback claim calculations and validation workflows. Claims with insignificant deviations can be processed automatically. Documentation to resolve deviations can be auto-retrieved. Set up auto-pay with system generated reports that outline payment details. Internal and external process communications are generated in the application to improve the flow of information. FORGE gives you the visibility you need to track customer purchases relative to program commitments.

Gain Profitable Insights

FORGE delivers powerful analytical functionality to help you make impactful business decisions. Online and offline tools and reports provide access to all financial metrics associated with your trade spend. Review performance when and how you need to: by customer, division, region, sales team or rep, broker, product line…even by individual SKU. Never walk into a business or sales meeting wondering if your metrics are accurate again. Be assured that they are.

Integration & Implementation

ERP Agnostic

FORGE integrates with your ERP for master and transactional data on a nightly basis. It can even integrate pricing files for use in the ordering process in the ERP.

Implement Fast

Your team will be up, running and benefitting quickly. “Out of the box” implementations take as little as three months. Enterprise level work can be done in six to twelve.

Best Practices

We share best practices from 100 FORGE implementations with the world’s top foodservice and CPG companies. We’re here to help at every step.

FORGE has features that delight.

With FORGE, Pilgrim’s finally found an application that doesn’t require onerous rounds of customization and helps make their business better.

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