Who FORGE Helps

FORGE speeds up business processes and allows cross functional teams to collaborate seamlessly. The application enables productivity from program inception to self-serve analytics. Finally, a tool that doesn’t require you to do more with less. You’ll be able to take more action with more insight…more selling, more strategy, more value-added work in the time you’ll gain once you start using FORGE.

FORGE by Function

FORGE is the preferred trade management system among Finance, Sales, Sales Operations, Marketing and General Management Foodservice and CPG professionals. Find out how the application makes life easier for each functional group by reading more below.


Power Through Metrics

Assess ROI at the individual deal level. FORGE generates the perfect P&L analysis for every program, inclusive of all other deals from every customer type – including operator and distributor – to ensure accurate financials. No estimates or averages. Approvers will know EXACTLY what they are approving. Additional functionality allows for tight control and automation of workflows.

Search functionality makes it easy to find the information you’re looking for quickly. Audit support is always on-hand, as all approvals and financials are logged in the application. Finance teams also rave about our comprehensive, simple, self-serve reporting. Accurate, automated analytics that can be viewed by customer, division, sales rep, product line…even by SKU.


Better Deals Faster

Your Sales team will be amazed at how easy it is to process deals with FORGE. Automated approvals can be established for programs that meet predetermined guidelines, enabling autonomy while maintaining accountability. The in-application margin analysis will ensure clarity of the economic impact of every program. For reps on the run, you can access the system on your mobile device at any time.

On-demand reporting gives you a picture of workflow status and ROI metrics for all deals across the organization. FORGE also helps you deliver the optimal customer experience. All program documentation is centrally stored for easy access. Faster responses lead to faster resolution of discrepancies therefore greatly reducing the time sales teams spend on administrative tasks.


Stop Digging

All forms are completed electronically and stored with user-friendly search functionality in FORGE. This means that the time your team once spent digging for answers in email and shared files will become a thing of the past. Automated deal documentation eliminates approximately 9 of every 10 settlement issues.

Your team doesn’t have time to wade through a painful software experience either. That’s why the user interface of FORGE is simple and intuitive. FORGE requires fewer clicks to complete transactions than any other system. We automate every possible action, including guideline-compliant approvals and payments, to eliminate touch-points and improve your team’s productivity.


Facts and Figures

Answer questions and gain business insights more quickly with dramatically improved access to information in FORGE. The proactive reporting package fosters strategic internal planning around all customer programs. The application provides self-serve P&L views by category, customer and even SKU.

You’ll also be able to reduce time invested in the approval process through notifications, profile thresholds and shortcut rules. Trade rates in FORGE are based on actual events by item and customer, which increases margin accuracy and eliminates re-work steps.


Real Insights

FORGE enables your team to bring you better information faster. The profit visibility gained from working in the system delivers real insight. You’ll be able to pinpoint the deals that are working in your favor and those that are not. You’ll be armed with the right information during negotiations to improve your position and drive profitability.

The intuitive interface enables adoption from the very beginning so that your team starts eliminating manual efforts and saves time fast. Automated work flows, established guidelines, and simple storage and search functionality streamline every process in the trade promotion workflow. FORGE is a highly configurable application and our professional services team can work with you to implement the perfect instance for your unique needs.


Integration with Integrity

Non-invasive, FORGE integrates with virtually any system you’re using today. We can offer proven success integrating with ERP and other systems for master and transactional data on a nightly basis. We’re also able to integrate pricing files created in FORGE for use in the ordering process of your ERP. The data is highly secure.

FORGE is the premier SaaS application on the market. Benefits are numerous when compared to the costs of traditional software providers and homegrown systems. There is no need for VPN and the application is accessible via internet browsers from all devices. FORGE implementations are fully supported by our internal IT and Professional Services teams.

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