What You’ll Learn:

  • The key issues K-12 buyers face, and how to address them
  • How manufacturers and brokers can streamline communication with K-12 buyers
  • How manufacturers can get more items on more bids through annual sponsorship opportunities

Webinar Hosts 💻

Jade Costello, Product Manager, Blacksmith Applications

Dean Rallo, Vice President Product Solutions, Blacksmith Applications

The School Foodservice Industry Faces A Common Problem

K-12 buyers spend valuable time searching for product information and asking questions while:

  • Prepping for audits
  • Creating new bids
  • Planning menus
  • Researching nutritional information

You spend valuable time assembling the same documents for different schools over and over. 

The communication flow is messy and inefficient.

1FS Schools Is the Industry Solution 

Through the 1FS Master Data base, 1FS Schools can efficiently connect all of the dots to serve the sought after information right to K-12 buyers. The platform organizes the relationships between distributors, brokers, manufacturers, brand, products, and schools, making it a one-stop-shop for industry information.

How does this work?

  1. Manufacturers provide industry standard product data, K-12 specific product documents, and product images and videos ONCE
  2. The 1FS Schools solution stores and delivers this product information via a website and mobile app
  3. K-12 buyers across the country benefit from the solution for free and can access the information as many times as needed

Over 5,000 participating schools represent:

  • $735M+ in food purchases
  • 600M+ meals per year


And they love 1FS Schools…

 “It simply “simplifies” your life by managing 1,000’s of nutritional labels, especially for a large cooperative as mine. My members can easily search and find products that we have on our awarded contracts and don’t have to muddle through pages of labels.”

Keri Warnick, Program Coordinator, Multi-Region Purchasing Cooperative

You Can Sell More With 1FS Schools

Serve your product information to K-12 influencers and decision makers

Understand who is buying and why to propel segment growth

Promote products through advertising opportunities:

  • Home page banner ads​
  • Related product suggestions​
  • Fresh Bites product updates​
  • And more!


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