How to Leverage Auto Pay to Reduce Unauthorized Deductions

In FORGE, auto pay is a feature designed to support processing of monthly, quarterly and annual reimbursement of corporate shelter, buying group rebates and local distributor rate-based offers.

How is Auto Pay Changing in FORGE Version 8?


Auto pay for FORGE V8 will introduce new features that will help enhance the functionality of the tool by making it easier for users to:

  • Search and easily navigate the auto pay screen.
  • Research and analyze auto pay activity and payments.
  • Create and manage exception auto pay reports where users can create payments for specific distributors or invoices.


Establishing ROI from Auto Pay


The updated feature is helpful in cases where distributors deduct and customers run auto pay jobs to verify if the deductions were in line with the distributor’s contracts and discounts offered.

If the distributor deducted too much money, the customer can attempt to claim money back by providing proof of what was owed to the distributor per terms of the contract with the help of the standardized PDF and Excel data outputs serving as backup.

The auto pay feature provides an automated process for calculating and processing payments to the distributors. The customer can now do away with the use and upkeep of manual excel spreadsheets.

This enables the customer to house all contracts in the form of programs and all the payments issued for those contracts in one system; leaving less room for error and helping ensure no payments are missed.Auto Pay Webinar

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