Kellogg’s Implements T-Pro Trade Promotion Optimization for Better Post-Event Analytics

Better visibility and promotional efficiency through analytical intelligence with TPO.


Recognizing the benefit of efficiently analyzing current trade promotion spend to optimize future trade promotion planning, Kellogg’s Inc. has implemented T-Pro Optimum Trade Promotion Optimization solution across 3 additional categories.

Kellogg’s Global Revenue Management first considered T-Pro in January of 2015 to streamline the consolidation of syndicated POS, shipment, and spending data. The initial project consisted of implementation across 4 Kellogg’s categories resulting in:

  1. Reduction in the manual intensity of compiling data
  2. Significant improvement in the accuracy of post promotion analysis

The latest move to use T-Pro across all Kellogg’s categories reflects the organization’s commitment to using data-driven insights to improve data accuracy, streamline processes, and maximize the return of future trade planning decisions.

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