Knouse Foods, Inc. Positions Itself for Growth with T-Pro Optimum TPO

Better planning decisions to drive better results with TPO.


Committed to providing optimal results for their growers and organization, Knouse Foods, Inc., is positioning itself for sustainable growth with the integration of a comprehensive, predictive analytics-driven planning solution. With the adoption of T-Pro Optimum trade promotion optimization solution, Knouse has greater efficiency and performance in trade investment optimization.

“As a cooperative, it is important that we are making the best decisions for our organization, our growers, our retail partners, and our consumers,” says Rich DiFrischia, Vice President Business Development and General Counsel at Knouse Foods, Inc. “We are partnering with T-Pro to optimize our promotional analysis and sales planning for even greater outcomes.”

Knouse can now leverage constraint-based optimization in creating events and customer plans to align with their corporate objectives and retail partner requirements. In doing so, Knouse can determine the best promotional event or promotional mix for the desired volume, revenue and profit outcomes.

“Knouse is an organization committed to exceeding industry standards in both their product portfolio and their business. We are excited to partner with them to bring better visibility and better results to their organization,” states Wayne Spencer, VP of Retail TPx Commercialization.

Choosing a TPO Solution

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Business Case for TPx

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