POI Vendor Panorama 2019

Blacksmith Applications Becoming a Leader in TPx Retail

Company Strengths: “Blacksmith Applications and T-Pro leadership, seasoned development and implementation teams, and an exceptional foodservice brand name. The breadth of the combined organization and depth of optimization capabilities with the acquisition of T-Pro.”

~ POI Vendor Panorama

POI’s vendor panorama is designed to highlight technology that can help CPGs improve promotional outcomes and drive efficiency. In short, it is a guide for manufacturers as they seek to acquire or upgrade their TPx capabilities. Trade promotion execution (or TPx, which is inclusive of trade promotion management, trade promotion optimization, trade promotion effectiveness, and trade promotion analytics) is more relevant today than ever before. CPG organizations need to have the visibility, robust insights, and ability to balance the portfolio, costs, and entire ecosystem.

The 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama lists Blacksmith Applications among its best TPM and TPO solutions.

Report Highlights: 

  • The marriage of FORGE Retail TPM with T-Pro’s data management, advanced analytics, and optimization is going to be a powerful combination.
  • The TPO solution is oriented around post-promotion analysis and optimizing annual
    customer plans to company or brand objectives. Baseline/promotion analysis is the heart
    of the approach. It is the accuracy of T-Pro baselines and data (management/cleansing including anomalies in syndicated data) that is attracting clients who have found less accuracy
  • The Blacksmith Insights reporting and data visualization module was deployed in August 2019 and the depth of analytics is strong.
  • Blacksmith has a new Portal that will be implemented in Q3, 2019 which
    will provide one UI/UX for all Blacksmith applications: Retail TPx, foodservice, and data
    visualization. The configurable portal has an excellent look and feel and will provide metrics
    and actionable direction to users as they begin the work day.



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