POI Recognizes Blacksmith for TPO Excellence

T-Pro Optimum TPO continues to be recognized as best-in-class by industry analysts.

“T-Pro has much to offer in the TPO space and we expect it to be a key player.”

~ POI Vendor Panorama

The POI TPx Vendor Panorama once again recognizes T-Pro Solutions as a Best-In-Class Trade Promotion Optimization Solution in their 2018 update:




NOTE: The TPM Functionality assessment should be considered a complete Harvey Ball based on the 2019 acquisition. T-Pro Solutions is now part of Blacksmith Applications, which provides a market-leading retail TPM solution to top tier CPGs.


Report Highlights: 

Baseline/Promoted analysis is the heart of the approach. And, it is the accuracy of its baselines that is attracting clients that have found less accuracy elsewhere, which had previously distorted their approach to promotions.

It features many unique insight drivers such as: viewing competitive baselines and promotions, predictions that include historical averages, having the system tell when the best time is to promote and includes digital marketing causal data to simulate into the mix.

We rate it Above Average both for insight as well as how the insights are rendered.

It is simple and yet powerful — with emphasis on simple.

Above Average for UX because they really have made a complex process quite simple
Traction with a broad variety of name-brand Tier 1 companies as well as regionals.

Highly entrepreneurial and features a core management team with deep industry experience.

Based on multiple demos we have had with the solution, we believe that most anybody could learn the solution and begin using it in less than half a day.

See POI’s Full Report


Blacksmith Applications is thrilled with this recognition for our product, T-Pro Optimum, and we look forward to market growth related to our broader, combined solution set across TPM, TPO and ultimately TPx.

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