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New Customers

Conagra Sees Strategic Value from Advanced Analytics

The forward-thinking company is jumping into the latest in foodservice analytics software, Advanced Analytics from Blacksmith Applications.


Purely Elizabeth Enhances Promotional Execution

As Purely Elizabeth rolls out new products and finds itself to be a customer favorite, sales planning and promotional activity took priority. 


Richardson International Manages All Trade through Blacksmith Applications

Richardson has selected Blacksmith Applications as its revenue growth management and trade optimization tool for their U.S. business. They will be using Blacksmith’s TPO and TPM products for their grocery, foodservice, club store and mass merchandising channels.


ITO EN Chooses GoSimple TPM

Ito En chose the GoSimple CPG TPM solution for their business. “The team at Blacksmith was impressive,” reports Harris Goldman, VP of Marketing and Innovation, “They really understand the platform and have best practices to share.”


InnovAsian Accelerates Optimization

To improve trade promotion productivity, InnovAsian Cuisine adopts our T-Pro TPO solution. The company can now quantify the ROI of executed trade promotions and optimize future planning to develop the best in-store promotional strategy.


Ventura Foods Rolls Out TPO

Ventura Foods rolled out T-Pro Optimum to efficiently analyze their trade promotion results and optimize future promotional investments with their retail trading partners.


Knouse Foods Drives Growth with TPO

KnouseFoods, Inc., positions itself for sustainable growth with the integration of the predictive, analytics-driven planning solution – T-Pro Optimum.


Impossible Foods Uses FORGE TPM

Impossible Foods has successfully navigated the treacherous food startup world, thanks to its early commitment to powering trade spend with technology.

Stephanie Lind, former SVP of Sales, said “Small companies generally spend more on trade to accelerate sales, and without technology to help manage that, you have no way to look back and evaluate your choices.” She points out that they’re interested in understanding profitability, their customers, and their margins.


Land O'Lakes Prioritizes Analytics & Planning with TPO

Land O’Lakes, Inc chooses T-Pro Optimum to improve productivity and performance of high-value trade promotion investment.

With the integration of Optimum into its current Trade Promotion System and processes, Land O’Lakes will experience the improved efficiencies and data visualization of real-time post-event analytics to measure quantifiable ROI and KPIs.


Kellogg's Expands T-Pro Implementation

Kellogg’s Inc. expands the use of T-Pro Optimum Trade Promotion Optimization solution across 3 additional categories.

Results include a reduction in the manual intensity of compiling data and significant improvement in the accuracy of post promotion analysis.


Wayne Farms Chooses GoSimple

Wayne Farms, one of the largest poultry producers in the US, has chosen to leave their legacy TPM provider to use the GoSimple TPM solution from Blacksmith Applications.

“The GoSimple team and their customer service is the best we’ve seen.” says Emileigh Green, senior manager of category and finance planning at Wayne Farms.


Weston Foods Selects FORGE TPM

Blacksmith Applications is pleased to welcome Weston Foods (a subsidiary of publicly-traded Canadian company George Weston Ltd., parent of Loblaw Companies and Shoppers Drug Mart) to our customer family.

Weston Foods will be using our TPM application, FORGE, to achieve trade transparency.


Snyder's-Lance Selects T-Pro Optimum

“We wanted the insights of an experienced team. In T-Pro we found this partner and a solution that was intuitive and pragmatic in addressing our needs,” says Nikhil Sawant, CIO of Snyder’s-Lance.

Learn more about the Snyder’s-Lance decision to choose T-Pro Optimum for trade optimization.


Welcome Basic American Foods

In a move to improve the productivity of its trade promotion management performance, Basic American Foods has selected GoSimple TPM.

Dan Ripple, Director of Headquarter Accounts at Basic American Foods, is energized about the choice, saying, “The GoSimple solution is easy to use and easy to customize.”


Great Companies Choose Blacksmith Applications

Industry Accolades

Now Tech: Trade Promotion Management

Forreseter released its Overview of Trade Promotion Management Providers. The report explains that trade management technology:

  • Improves Market Share
  • Helps Manage Distributors and Traditional Trade Outlets
  • Makes Promotions Effective and Transparent



POI Vendor Panorama 2019

The 2019 POI TPx Vendor Panorama lists Blacksmith Applications among its best TPM and TPO solutions.

The marriage of FORGE Retail TPM with T-Pro’s data management, advanced analytics, and optimization is going to be a powerful combination.


POI Recognizes Blacksmith for TPO Excellence

The Blacksmith TPO application, T-Pro Optimum, has been recognized in the POI TPx Vendor Panorama as a Best-In-Class Trade Promotion Optimization Solution.

Blacksmith’s baseline accuracy is attracting clients that have found issues elsewhere. Inaccurate baselines distort the foundation of promotion optimization, which is something CPGs just can’t afford.


TPM Health Check

Answer these 7 questions to evaluate how “well” your business is. It may be time to consider a new trade spend approach.

Amazon’s Impact on Foodservice

Solve problems and create real solutions for the scenario provided in the case study. Will Amazon disrupt foodservice distribution?

Blacksmith in the Press

Paul Wietecha Talks Customer Growth in WSJ Article

Paul Wietecha talks to the Wall Street Journal about points of focus for Blacksmith Applications and the company’s explosive customer growth from its collaboration with Strattam Capital.


Terry Ziegler talks AI with Aberdeen

CPGs continue to wrestle with a shifting retail landscape and increased competition. It’s time to step past manual data consolidation and redundant planning processes to achieve real growth.

Terry Ziegler, a promotion optimization expert at Blacksmith Applications, offers ways to leverage predictive analytics in this article published by Aberdeen.


Blacksmith Applications Acquires T-Pro Solutions

T-Pro’s state-of-the-art TPO application empowers customers to make more informed and more profitable decisions related to in-store marketing investments.

The combined company, which manages more than $10 billion in annual promotional spend, will provide best-in-class end-to-end trade promotion and optimization solutions that serve the needs of CPG companies of all sizes across all channels.


CIO Review Features Paul Wietecha

“It’s so much more than simply ‘reports’,” Paul Wietecha, President & CEO of Blacksmith Applications told CIO Review.

“Analytics to us means giving our users the answer before they ask the question.”

Read about Paul’s take on complex foodservice data and analytics in this article from CIO Review.


Blacksmith Applications Acquires GoSimple

Blacksmith Applications proudly welcomes GoSimple, a trade promotion management solutions and claims processing provider, to our family.

“Together we can reach all tiers in the market, delivering product solutions that are best-in-class and structured for the needs of companies managing trade promotions, regardless of their size,” said Brian Maloney, COO of GoSimple.