Solutions to Manage and Optimize Trade Investment and Sales Planning for Canadian CPGs

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Quickly & easily report on key promotional and financial metrics:


  • Annual trade spend – forecast & actuals
  • ROI detail for the past year, by program or event, by retailer or product/brand group, etc.
  • Annual shipments vs. consumption
  • Annual P&Ls

Trade Investment & Sales Planning Products

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  • TPM Capabilities
  • TPO Capabilities

TPM Capabilities

  • User-friendly direct & indirect planning
  • Metric-based approval scheme
  • Budget controls
  • Accruals, settlements verification & deduction resolution
  • Robust reporting with best practices



TPO Capabilities

  • Easy visibility into your POS consumption, shipment & spending data
  • Automate post-event analysis with machine learning to yield quantifiable ROI
  • Leverage six client-configured baselines, smoothed for more accurate PEA and predictive/optimized planning



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