Foodservice Trade Promotion Management

Our company was built on foodservice industry expertise and our foodservice TPM solutions
offer the most complete feature set on the market. Let us show you why companies from
Tyson Foods to Impossible Foods trust their trade to Blacksmith.

Foodservice TPM Features

  • Contract Entry
  • Contract Approval
  • Claim Resolution
  • Deduction Matching
  • Analytics

Contract Entry

  • Cloud-based contract entry systems access data from connected systems.
  • Visibility and permissions can be set at the user level to ensure users see only what they should.

Contract Approval

  • Set up an approval workflow processes based on business rules and user profiles.
  • Take only the necessary actions.

Claim Resolution

  • Process all claims within the system and validate them against the approved contracts.
  • Validation of claims will ensure you’re only paying what’s been approved based on the contract.

Deduction Matching

  • Match open deductions to invoices to identify distributor deductions and stop double dipping in its tracks.
  • Minimize deductions and expenses to enhance profitability.


  • A comprehensive suite of 275+ prestructured reports.
  • Create your own with easy-to-use, self-serve, drag and drop pivot reporting technology.

Why We Selected Blacksmith Applications

"We selected Blacksmith Applications because of the profit margin visibility functionality offered in FORGE. At a glance, we can tell if a request is profitable or not, inclusive of all other deals the customer already receives. The margin screen is easy to understand, even for those not in finance – one glance, and you can tell if a request is profitable or not. The approval process is quicker and more accurate."

- Jim Hoyt, Sales Director: West

Transform Your Trade Approach


Successful projects rely on collaborative customer and vendor teams.


Our playbook has been fine-tuned over 100+ system launches across applications.


We evolve with your needs and offer major releases every 12-15 months.

FREE & Easy Contract Management

A GoSimple trial allows you to experience dynamic contract creation and approval workflows, eliminating the pain of offline tracking. We’ll even assign an application concierge to help you through the process.

Deduction Management

The majority of foodservice manufacturers have an out-of-control deduction balance. Download this 10-step checklist for ways to get things under control.

FREE Trade Magazine Subscription

Smoke Jumpers is a quarterly magazine covering trade and tech insights for CPG executives. Our customers told us that no one is really tackling these topics, so we decided to fill the gap.

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