Retail Trade Promotion Management

FORGE retail trade promotion software functionality provides a central location for planning,
forecasting, tracking, and reporting. Integrate with demand planning to ensure proper production
as promotion timelines shift. Maintain a precise line of sight into margins across your business.

Retail Features

  • Calendar
  • Volume Plan
  • Margin Analysis
  • Retail Analytics


  • Define the promotional product timeframe for a customer or group of customers.
  • Plan events according to single SKU or group of products.
  • Drag and drop events as needed; the system will automatically update.

Volume Plan

  • Include promoted and non-promoted volume for a total business view.
  • Pull in prior year and edit to change your new promotion schedule.
  • Integrate with demand planning to ensure proper production as promo timelines shift.

Margin Analysis

  • Gain transparency into margins across your retail business.
  • View profitability for all promoted (and non-promoted) volume with the perfect P&L function.
  • Review accurate and complete financial statements.

Retail Analytics

  • Visualize your data with accessible reporting to gain business intelligence.
  • Pull in syndicated data from systems like IRI and Nielsen to determine the effectiveness of every promotion.
  • Compare approved plans to actual events.

Manage Everything in One Place


  • Manage workflow of customer-based pricing, with integration points.
  • Eliminates need for manual pricing maintenance via systems such as Excel.

Direct Trade

  • Manage workflow of agreements and process settlements (checks & credits) including corporate fees & allowances.

Retail Promotion

  • Manage workflow of retail and club store promotions and settlements, including
    • EDLP & ongoing off-invoice
    • Ads & short-term promotions
    • In-store display
    • End-aisle & in-store sampling
    • General discounts & allowances for scans

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TPM for All

ERP Agnostic

FORGE integrates with your ERP for master and transactional data on a nightly basis. It can even integrate pricing files for use in the ordering process in the ERP.

Implement Fast

We can help your organization through the process to get you up, running and benefitting from the system quickly.

Best Practices

We share best practices from 100 FORGE implementations with the world’s top food, beverage, jan san, and other CPG companies. We’re here to help.

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