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Tools for transforming trade spend, right at your fingertips.

Learn about the essential elements of our TPM & TPO solutions and how they work together to help CPG manufacturers improve trade performance KPIs and increase profits.

It’s critical for CPGs to consider how consumer behavior has changed, will continue to change, and may be changed forever. Watch the video here.

The global pandemic will impact your business's baseline. We'll show you how to correct data anomalies and improve future sales planning. Watch now.

Welch's and Solaris Paper share their experience using TPO software to drive growth with accurate baseline data.

With Blacksmith TPM, the General Mills foodservice sales team has the flexibility to go after emerging opportunities without overspending.

Discover the information and best practices you need to take your trade promotions to the next level, all in one simplified toolkit.

Historical data provides CPGs with the ability to share fact-based data with their retailer so that the strategy around future promotions is profitable.

Trade deductions expert Meghan Hoover walks you through the 10-steps to streamline your foodservice trade deductions.

Walk through challenges, industry changes and solutions that will lead your organization forward to a profitable future in TPO.

We have tips to create a solid trade system business case. Identify your trade challenges, value opportunities and ROI expectations.